February Annual Meeting Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Annual Meeting Report 8th February, 2012

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Stephen Hardy, Derek Mark, Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman, Glyn Alsworth, Les Back, Stewart Curtis, Graham Mills.

1. Nomination and Election of Officers. Nomination for Secretary Eve Evans, seconded Derek Mark, nomination for Co-ordinator Spencer Harradine, seconded Eve Evans, nomination for Treasurer Paul Hardy, seconded Steve Watkin.

2. Apologies: Trevor Davies, Tessa Folkes, Shaun McDonald, Peter Nemestothy, Jonathan Burns, Paul Hardy.

3. Report from last meeting: Approved

4. Financial report: Balance £480.90.

5. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

Quiz – March 10th. Stephen has booked the Liberal Club Hall for the evening for just £35. Tickets are printed £6 each. Contact Steve Bunn re questions and Quizmaster.

New Cards – Derek has done templates, discussed and various changes made. Derek to action.

Gazebo – Spencer is going to look at getting an Events Shelter rather than Gazebo. If successful we can get this printed at a later date.

• Banner for Kettwiesel – Steve Watkin and Spencer still discussing.

Olympics – Pollards Hill have various rides going to the Olympic site. July 29th Bromley Festival of Sports and Culture. July 23rd the Olympic flame is passing through Bromley. July 27th Olympic flame is resting in Bexleyheath.

• Ride Leaders – We have been asked by Bromley Council’s Sustainable Transport Team to provide ride leaders for the local Sky Rides to promote cycling within the Borough. Discussed and names taken of interested people.

• Website Forum Groups – Nev and Stephen are going to look at getting a button on the website so that we can link in with the Yahoo Group.

Fund Raising E Bay – Wednesday, 22nd February is the LCC group forum from 7-8pm. Derek’s Ebay proposal should be discussed here.

• Sustrans – Unfortunately the meeting Spencer had to discuss our involvement had to be cancelled.

6. Rides & Events Planning

• Ride Report – 13 rides in January with 75 riders. The new Velo Club is going well.

• Figures requested at last meeting produced by Eve. Number of rides, which rides were most popular, how many rides each ride leader has done this year. These were passed round and discussed.

Wednesday Weekly Wander venues drawn for next month and put on website.

Future Rides – Tour de Penge 13th May, going back to start at Royston Fields which was the more popular starting point, then through Penge High Street. The ride will be split into manageable groups of around 30 for ease of crossing the many roads and junctions on route. 15th May Steve Watkin and his team will be cycling the same route as the Tour de Penge with children from Langley Park School, helpers requested.

• Sport Relief Mile – plans underway for this event on 25th March. Lots of activities. Someone from Bromley Cyclists will lead the runners as last year.

Ride Leaders – may be another Ride Leader day.

Personal Cycle Path – Eve has done a basic plan for everyone to look at and improve upon as necessary. When complete this will be put on the website to encourage new cyclists to contact us regarding helping them either start or recommence cycling.

Community/Park Events for 2012 – This year we will choose 5 or 6 events that we can attend together with the Road Safety Team and Sustainable Transport Team so that we have more impact. There is an event in The Glades on April 5th.

7. Publicity

• We will be putting together a Summer of Cycling leaflet. Derek to print using the same tri-fold design that was so successful last year.

8. Policy & Campaigning Group Report

• Spencer has been invited to Love London Go Dutch which is about creating space in our society for cyclists.

9. Biking Borough

• TFL have come up with funding to launch schools cycling clubs. £3,000 per school selected. Les Back’s school have received such funding. This was discussed and Steve Watkin will try to get a list of schools involved.

10. Transport & Infra-structure

• Westmoreland Road car park is due for redevelopment which is planned to include shops and restaurants.

11. Pro-Active Bromley

• Nothing to report

12. Website Update

• Analytics has shown that from Jan 8th to Feb 5th this year we have had 1278 people visit our website, 777 of these were returning visitors while 501 were new visitors. The busiest days for website use is Tuesday, then Monday. All agreed this was very encouraging.

13. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• Spencer reported that Round 3 of the BGRRL has just taken place and despite the weather being bitterly cold there were 65 young people in attendance. There are currently 90 a week attending Go Ride at Bigfoot and Penge.

14. AOB

• There is an appeal from the Police with regard to the Upper Elmers End incident on 7th January which involved a car door opening and hitting an approaching cyclist. Unfortunately the cyclist subsequently died.

• Les Back from Grays Farm School applied for a grant a few years ago for a cycle shelter in the school grounds. Les has again been successful and has secured an additional grant for a 20 space cycle shelter. Les has had a great deal of success with his young cyclists at the school and thanked Bromley Cyclists for their help.

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