January Minutes

Bromley Cyclists

Monthly Meeting Report 11th January 2012

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Stephen Hardy, Shaun McDonald, Derek Mark, Nev Medhurst.

1. Apologies: Paula Godman, John Warren, Paul Hardy, Peter Nemestothy

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

3. Financial report: Balance £480.90.

4. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

• Walkie Talkies. We have now purchased Walkie Talkies to assist on our rides. These are to be kept in Orpington.

• Christmas Meal – 16 attended and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.

• Velo Club – The Velo Club Rides have commenced, the first one last Saturday. It is planned initially these will be on a Saturday morning.

5. Rides & Event Planning

• Rides – 76 riders during November with 12 rides and 40 riders in December with 8 rides. Breakdown of ride leaders and riders requested for next meeting. Eve to action.

• WWW venues – 18th January – The Bridge, Penge; 25th January – The Railway, West Wickham; 1st Feburary – The Bricklayers Arms, Bromley Common.

• Future Rides –We need to start planning future rides. It is also possible that we may have a mini bus available for loan from time to time under the Give to Give scheme, which will require two people to be trained to drive it. This could prove a valuable addition to assist rides further away.

• Sport Relief Mile – 25th March, 1, 3 or 6 miles in aid of Sport Relief. Runners in the morning, cyclists in the afternoon. Bromley Cyclists will lead the rides in the afternoon.

• Ride Leaders – more ride leaders required, the bulk of the rides are still being led by only a few ride leaders.

• Challenge Rides – We already have some Challenge Rides on the website in preparation for a ride to Brighton. it is planned to include some rides which will act as training for the Dunwich Dynamo on June 30, which will gradually increase in distance over the coming months, leading up to this event.

• Personal Cycle Path – design a flow chart to enable people to chart their progress or design a personal goal that they would like to achieve. Eve to come up with something for the next meeting

• Quiz – Stephen to book the hall for the Quiz Night on 10th March.

• Community/Park Events – We will pick around 4 events to attend this year and try to team up with the Cycle Team from Bromley Council, Biking Borough Team, Sustainable Transport Team, so that we may create a real presence at these events, rather than spreading ourselves too thin on the ground by attending too many.

• Bike Week 2012 16th – 24th June – Try for a better location in Bromley High Street this year.

6. Publicity

• Cards – New cards to be printed – Derek to arrange. High res logo needed from Phil Shemmings.

• Brochures – New tri fold brochures to be printed for this year.

• Gazebo – Make enquiries as to the cost of getting a sign written gazebo in the Bromley Cyclists colours.

• Kettwiesel – Make enquiries as to the cost of a banner for the Kettwiesel, which can then by cycled around during our various events.

• Spencer has registered us with Change4Life.

7. Olympics

• Summer of Cycling – in the Olympic year an attempt by the coming together of many cycling organizations to really promote cycling, i.e. getting more children to cycle to school.

8. Policy & Campaigning Group Report

• LCC – Going Dutch – Raise awareness of how we utilize our space. Shaun gave update.

9. Biking Borough

• Cycle Re-cycle going well. Steve Watkin gave update. Now have around 100 bikes and Steve has had 5 responses to his request for volunteers to help him repair the bikes.

• Getting Started Pack – The Biking Borough Team have put together a Getting Started Pack.

10. Transport & Infra-Structure

• Meeting -The first meeting at Spencer’s house was well attended on December 19th with many matters discussed.

• A21 Kentish Way – new cycle path planned for the Bromley North end of Kentish Way.

• Elmers End – probably not going to get anything done there. Shaun has put some videos on You Tube.

11. Pro-Active Bromley

• Strategic Framework – discussion re Adrian Pitts and Bromley Town Centre Hub.

• British Cycling 2012 – Bromley Cyclists have been asked to provide ride leaders to be trained to lead local Sky Rides. This will give us the advantage of being able to use Sky for marketing purposes. There are likely to be 4 levels of Skyride, which will aim to get people on their bikes.

• Get Active London – we are now registered

• Bike for Life – This is an NHS initiative and we are now registered on their site.

12. Website Update

Last meeting was 28th November. Following the meeting a number of improvements have been made to the website and we also now have the use of Google Analytics to monitor the number of visitors to our site.

13. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• Adult Go Ride – this is soon to start to get some of the Go Ride parents cycling and teach them Go Ride skills.

• BRGRRL – next event is January 28th.

• Go Ride – Spencer has 5 people booked on the British Cycling Level 2 Coaching Course in March.

14. Membership – discussed ways of increasing our membership.

15. AOB

• Fundraising – Derek had previous made enquiries as to how we might benefit from people selling cycling bits and pieces on EBay, by them checking the donate to charity box. Nothing ever came of this, so Derek will go back through his files and get the relevant information so that we might look into this again.

• Website Forum Page – how might we link the various groups together?

• Council Planning Applications – it may be possible for us to get a list of planning applications.

• Sustrans Meeting – to get more involvement in Bromley as they sometimes have funding. Not currently any Sustrans routes through Bromley.

Next Meeting Wednesday, February 8th. This will be the Annual Meeting with election of Officers.

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