September Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
Bromley Civic Centre
10th September, 2015


Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Jonathan Poulter, Derek Mark, Linda Rampling.

1. Apologies: John Wood, Alice Reavell, Peter Nemestothy, Tim Wild.

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved SH, seconded LR.

3. Matters Arising – There were no matters arising

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – LR reported current financial balance £700.11 with no outstanding income or expenditure.

5. Co-ordinators Report – SH no Coordinators Report this month due to Spencer being on holiday, although he did report briefly on the cycling infrastructure in New York.

6. Ride Report – submitted by JW prior to the meeting. It was noted that the Windmills ride will change to the Blue Plaque Ride and the Crossness Pumping Station ride will change to the Olympic Park ride. It was suggested that the Daylight Saving Ride on 25th October would become the Last Sunday of the Month Ride. The Halloween Ride will start at Derek’s house in the afternoon and finish around 8-9 pm.

7. Membership – EE asked for an agreement to devise a way of welcoming new members to Bromley Cyclists as soon as possible after they have been assigned to us. It was suggested this be by email and will include an invitation to a future meeting with some of us, maybe a freshers evening. The new members will be supplied by the LCC to us on application. Amy is intending to use this as a pilot for rolling out to other groups.
EE reported a suggestion on behalf of JW that a regular newsletter be emailed to all members, to be sent out quarterly to be published approximately six weeks after the quarterly magazine (where JW already does a double sided A4 insert which is sent out to Bromley members). It was agreed by those present at the meeting that this would be a good idea.

DM – suggested that when LCC membership lapses this would be an opportunity for the Borough Groups to contact the members to persuade them to rejoin. SH was happy to do this. Liaise with Amy at LCC.

8. Communications Report – RG reported that activity had increased across all social media platforms with the exception of the Skyride Group and Yahoo Group, with the most activity being on Twitter. RG reported that we have the login for the new Skyride Group and the old Skyride group will be deleted. SH explained the idea of the Skyrides and their website and how other groups are able to use their website to create more social cycling groups.

9. Pub of the month – It was agreed that this month’s Pub of the month should be The Bulls Head, Pratts Bottom.

10. A.O.B

 Parks and Green Spaces: RG attended a meeting on behalf of the Friends of Orpington Priory & Gardens which discussed the LBB Parks, Greenspace & Countryside Strategy prepared as part of the outsourcing of management and maintenance to The Landscape Group. The consultation period has been limited to two weeks and closes on Tuesday 15th September. RG felt that Patrick Phillips would extend the deadline in view of the fact that we will not have sight of all the documents until just before that date.
 PDS Scrutiny Committee – SH explained that this is the group who are looking at the responses to the Cycling Strategy. They will look at all the responses and decide whether further consultation is necessary or any amendments required.

11. SH asked for support for this event which is on Sunday 20th September.

Meeting closed 8.35pm.

Next meeting: Thursday, 8th October, Bromley Civic Centre.

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