Annual Meeting minutes February 2016

Bromley Cyclists
Annual Meeting
Thursday 11th February 2016
Bromley Civic Centre

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Derek Mark, Linda Rampling, Alice Reavell, Tracey Parker, Michael McIlliney, Richard Gibbons, Steve Healey.

Election Of Officers
1.1 Secretary – There were no nominations for this position
1.2 Coordinator – SH was proposed by AR and Seconded by LR
1.3 Chair – DM was proposed by SH and seconded by LR

2.0 Apologies – were received from SL – TW –  JW and TK

3.0 This item will become 14a

4.0 Management Committee and Elections – self nominated
4.1 Communications – RG was Seconded by LR
4.2 Rides – TP was seconded by EE
4.3 T, T & I – JW was seconded in his absence by RG
4.4 Membership coordinator – EE seconded by SH

5.0 Approval of Minutes of last meeting.
5.1 Minutes were approved proposed by TP and Seconded by LR

6.0 Matters arising
6.1 EE has commenced emailing new members
6.2 RG to send info on ‘Clean space’ monitor so that we may purchase one for the group.
6.3 RG to write and distribute press release for Pub of the Year.

7.0 Treasurers report
7.1 current balance remains the same.
7.2 LR to send EE a cheque

8.0 Coordinators report (attached)
8.1 SH reported on the Bromley Cycle Forum

9.0 Communications Report (attached)
9.1 RG also proposed we use Meet Up more
9.2 EE is going to put a link to Fix My Street onto the website
9.3 Communications will be the main agenda item for the Man. Com. March meeting
9.4 RG requested SH ask for a link to Bromley Cyclists be put onto the LBB website.
9.5 RG requested we make efforts to put LBB cycle routes onto GPX – RG to email TP with routes
9.6 RG asked if SH could get a list of schools where Bikeability has taken place as an ongoing news item.
9.7 SH requested there be a frame around the Bromley Cyclist/LCC header on the e-newsletter.

10.0 Consultations
10.1 RG informed the meeting of the change to Bus services in and around Orpington High St and how this may impact on cyclists. There are public consultation meetings on the 15th -16th and 25th of Feb. There is also an opportunity to comment online.
10.2 SH felt that it was time to meet with the new Transport planning manager David Bond to discuss all the items contained in agenda item 10.0
10.3 RG commented on how members of the Transport planning team had no idea of some of the proposed public realm schemes which are already quite advanced. He commented that unless there was a road involved that cycling seems to be overlooked.

11.0 Ride report (attached)
11.1 Those present welcomed TP into this new role and EE suggested a meeting to discuss what this role entails.
11.2 SH spoke regarding the Adult training course and that this was now a distinct possibility as Hayes Primary have agreed to the extension of Bigfoot Go Rides hours on a Saturday.

12.0 Goals for 2016
12.1 All of the goals listed now fall within the remit of the newly created Membership Coordinator role. The meeting welcomed EE into this role and look forward to her report at the March meeting.

13.0 TT & I
13.1 This item was moved forward to the March agenda

14.0 Mayoral Election
14.1 SH informed the meeting of the outline of this campaign and invited all to attend the coordinators forum at LCC to find out the finer detail.

14.a Steve Healey
14.1 Steve outlined the LIP process and explained why there had not been a LIP due to Boris Johnson being re-elected.
14.2 He explained how it all began with the Mayors Transport Strategy and how TFL and the local authorities were endeavouring to streamline the process so as to make it more time efficient.
14.3 Steve explained how the boroughs were going to cope in between LIPs.
14.4 He described how all mayoral candidates will be developing their transport strategies in anticipation of having to formulate a MTS.
14.5 RG asked how it was decided on which roads to spend money on resurfacing.
14.6 The meeting thanked Steve Healey for giving of his time and knowledge.

15.0 Pub of the Month
15.1 This month’s Pub of the Month is The Bridge House

16.0 Future meetings
16.1 The first meeting of the new Management Committee will be hosted by SH on Monday 14th March 7.30 for 7.45 start.

17.0 AOB
17.1 EE mentioned the need to update the Unity Bank signatories and handed the completed forms to LR.
17.2 RG mentioned that there had been a number of collisions on the A224 Court Rd as vehicles carry great speed onto this road having recently exited the M25.
17.3 SH suggested this be added to the list of queries put to David Bond.

The meeting closed at 20.58

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