April Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
Bromley Cricket Club 98 Plaistow Lane Bromley Kent BR1 3AS
13th April, 2015 – 8.pm

Present: SH, EE, JW, LR, SW, TK, RG, DM, PN

1. Apologies – None

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Change Michael Schuman to Stephen Schuman. Approved Linda Rampling, seconded Peter Nemestothy.

3. Matters Arising
 Christmas Meal – JW booked The Papadam Restaurant in Tylney Road for December 16th, terms still to be negotiated. Action JW.
 Stephen Schuman Cycle First – SH has spoken to SS, this event may yet be cancelled. SH has agreed to take out anyone who turns up for the ride should it be cancelled.
 Improved signage for Norman Park – SH still to contact council re this. Action SH.
 Cycle Recycle wording for website – JW is still awaiting wording from SW. Action SW.
 Blue Plaque Rides – SH/SW have designed three rides, unfortunately the first one had to be cancelled due to ill health of ride leader. Two more to take place during April.
 Meeting with Phil Shemmings no longer required as JW and EE have sorted out the website.
 Francis Bernstein to be contacted re Crystal Palace Improvement Scheme. SH to forward information to DM. Action SH.

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – LR reported the current balance to be £526.21. LR has to submit the forms for our annual grant to LCC before 30th April. We have been given an agreement by BCC for the room hire which now has £4 VAT added, bringing the total room hire to £24. JW asked that we approach the Council with the possibility of using one of their rooms at no cost, especially as we support them in so many ways. Action SH.

5. Co-ordinators Report – SH had submitted his Coordinators Report prior to the meeting. (appendix).
 Bromley’s ‘Cycling Strategy’ is moving forward for consultation on 7th May and we need to discuss how we are going to respond to that. (see AOB)
 SH has been invited to accept an award from the Mayor of Bromley on 21st April. This is the Mayor’s award for services to the community. Congratulations and well done Spencer.
 SH asked what promotional materials we required from LCC. It was decided beer mats and Space 4 Cycling cards which will be collected by JW as required. It was suggested we leave some of the beer mats at each of the www pubs we visit each week. Action JW.

6. Ride Report – JW had submitted a full ride report prior to the meeting (appendix). JW will feedback to Adam with regard to the last Brighton ride to see if it can be modified next year. Action JW.

7. Communications
 RG reported that Twitter has 969 followers. RG will work on updating the profile and images on the page to improve appearance. Action RG.
 Facebook group was up to 285 members as of 13th April. RG asked that we ‘like’ the facebook page.
 Meetup Group now has 135 members.
 RG asked if we could note the number of news stories being shared on the website. JW reported how many hits there had been in respect to various news items. Using keywords in the various reports and news stories will boost website and reach a wider audience.
 It was suggested we add Meetup, Twitter and the Facebook page to the bottom right hand side of the Home Page of the website. Action JW.
 SH to forward Twitter password to EE and JW.
 Discussion followed as to whether or not we were going to make the Facebook Group visible to members only. It was decided to leave it as it was for the time being.
 Although we now have an ‘In your Neighbourhood page’ on the website content has yet to be added. Action SH/JW/EE.
 With regard to the Events List – this can now be shared to personal calendars. JW to write a news item on how to do this. Action JW.
 It was felt that the new layout on the website was a huge improvement. EE suggested that the individual rides that will form our new Rides Library be put on as ‘posts’ and not typed directly onto the page. Action EE.
 Contact page only shows contact details for SH. This had previously been discussed when setting up the website and it was felt that other members did not want their telephone numbers to appear and that the two email contacts were sufficient.

8. Pub of the Month. EE reported that The Oak, Bromley was the winner for March, narrowly beating The Ivy and Bridge House. EE to email Oak letting them know and including link to our ride report on the BC website. Action EE.

9. AOB
 BCC Agreement. (see under Financial Report).
 WWW – SW suggested the ride leaders always ensure that someone is there to lead the www.
 Vote Bike – RG encouraged everyone to go to the Vote Bike website which gives the opportunity to send a message to your MP. The LCC are doing a similar thing contacting Parliamentary Candidates.
 Cycling Strategy – how should we respond. We need to sit down as a group to discuss thoroughly before making any decision, but should encourage all cyclists in the borough to respond to the strategy. Some ideas as follows:-
 Email a link to the consultation to all members and supporters and ask them to complete. Perhaps adding suggestions as to the sort of things they might wish to say – Not favoured it is felt that this will be too complicated for most of our contacts who would have to register before completing the consultation.
 Email suggested submissions to our members and contacts and ask them to forward to their ward councillors if they are in support – this might generate some support but is probably still too complex. There is then also the question of whether this counts as a proper response to the consultation.
 Email to all members and supporters and ask them to complete a suitable questionnaire which we will devise. The results can then be used to support our submission or forwarded to the relevant council officer – this will require us to meet and decide the content of the questionnaire. Their is still doubt about whether this counts as a proper response to the consultation
 Discussion followed on how we could make it easy for people to respond. Setting up some sort of petition on CHANGE was also discussed. SH to contact Amy at LCC. Action SH.
 LCC – we have received an email from the LCC asking if we are compliant in various areas.
 It was felt we were compliant in most areas. In respect of the ‘Shared Space’ as this is a complex area we will suggest to LCC that if there is any doubt the owner of the resolution should test our asks against requirements of the resolution. As far as ‘When do we need Protected Space for Cycling’ we are assuming that as the LCC has approved our asks then we assume they have done the tests. JW will reply to LCC. Action JW.

Meeting closed 10.10pm.
Next meeting Monday May 11th 8pm.

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