August 2015 Minutes

Bromley Cyclists
August Meeting

1.0 Apologies were received from: Alice Reavell, Peter Nemestothy, Eve Evans, Jonathon.

2.0 the minutes from the June meeting were proposed as a true record by JW and seconded by LR. the minutes of the July meeting were proposed as a true record by LR and seconded by RG.
3.0 Matters arising: LR reported that the West Wickham event had been changed from primarily Cycle to just a Fun Day.
4.0 The treasurer reported a balance of: £711.00. There has been no expenditure this month.
5.0 The Co-ordinators report is attached.
6.0 The rides report is attached.
7.0 There was discussion on how the Cycle Forum had met but not discussed the Cycle Strategy at length SH explained that there were only a few people at this meeting and none had any involvement in the strategy.
8.0 Group co-ordinaries handbook: This was explained for the benefit of the meeting.
9.0 This item was moved to the September meeting.
10.0 There was some discussion around the process of what occurs when someone joins LCC and how they are integrated into the local groups. Eve and John are going to discuss further with Amy and propose a trial procedure which may I the future be adopted by other groups

11.0 This item was postponed.
12.0 There was discussion around how we should respond at the forthcoming PDS scrutiny committee meeting.
13.0 The communications report is attached.
14.0 This months Pub of the month is the George and Dragon.
15.0 it was highlighted to the members present that LCC board members nominations were soon to be published.
The meeting closed at 20.59

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