August Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting

Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands. 11th August, 2014 –


Present: Derek Mark, John Wood, Duncan Peterkin, Linda Rampling, Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Francis Bernstein

  1. Apologies: James Gower, Terry Kinnard, Karen Wrighton, Peter Nemestothy
  2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved Duncan Peterkin, Seconded Linda Rampling
  3. Financial Report – In the absence of Paul Hardy, Eve Evans reported that the current financial balance is £429.04 which includes a payment from LCC of £151.70. Spencer reported that Paul Hardy had completed the annual budgetfigures and submitted these to LCC on time. Thanks to Paul for his efforts this year.
  4. Matters arising from last meeting
  • Led ride programme update – SH reported that the storage lockers are arriving this week. EE reported that following her visit to the site last week the state of the Bromptons following the loan of these to Bromley Council was unacceptable. Discussion followed on how we could log in and out who used the bikes and the condition of such bikes before and after use.
  • Polhill – defer until next meeting as Richard Gibbons is not in attendance. Richard has however already made contact with Reg Oakley, head of Sevenoaks Cycle Forum.

 5.Rides & Events

  • Ride Report – 12 rides in July, of which 5 were Wednesday Wanders. Reported on Dunwich Dynamo, John’s Ashford ride, St. Christopher’s Hospice Ride and the first Sunday of the month rides. Asked yet again for more ride leaders.
  • Prudential Freecycle – report Spencer/John – Spencer thanked the marshals who helped on the very successful ride up to join the Freecycle at the weekend. 97 people went from Bromley South and more returned. Need to feed back to LCC several points:
  • We were provided with no rider details from Prudential, even though many personal details were collected including next of kin. If these were not to be passed on then why were they collected.
  • The distribution of food for the marshals was not organised in the best way.
  • Bottlenecks on the route were particularly bad.
  • More LCC presence/advertising needed, missed a good opportunity

Discussion followed on how the event could be arranged more smoothly.

  • Ride 100 – report Spencer – A very wet day, Spencer reported on the ride, John and Eve commented on the marshalling. Linda commented on bad language from some of the marshals. Hot drinks would have been good. No secure bike parking for marshals. No LCC badges. Discussion followed.
  • Orpington BID – SH discussed Orpington as a Business Improvement District and the fun day they are proposing in September. Part of the High Street will be closed. Lollipop Events are setting this up. UK Cycles are being asked what they want at the event. Do Bromley Cyclists want to get involved. Discussion followed. It was decided that Bromley Cyclists would only support this if it appeared that Lollipop Events were capable of delivering something of an acceptable quality that would not look us looking silly.

6.Travel & Infrastructure

  • Space for Cycling – following a successful Space for Cycling campaign the LCC have written a really nice letter of congratulations to successful candidates, either thanking them for supporting our campaign or (for those who didn’t give their support) a hope that they would agree that promoting cycling will be good for London and Londoners and asking for any proposals that they might have.
  • We have had absolutely brilliant responses from some Councillors, a rather flippant response from one and a truly unbelievably rude response from one other Bromley Councillor which came as somewhat of a shock, given the polite nature of the original letter from LCC.
  • Waterlink Way – JW has sent an email to Jane for an update on the Waterlink Way. Half way through closure at this time. Jane is checking to see if it is on time.
  • Planning Applicatons – Discussion followed regarding Planning Applications and how we might gain this information. It was suggested that there is a planning portal on the borough website but no way of filtering the applications which are of interest to us.
  • Following on from ‘Asks’
  • Sevenoaks Way crossing complete
  • Traffic Lights at Starts Hill Pelican Crossing
  • Widening kerbs at Green Street Green, easier for pedestrians and cyclists to cross. In progress.
  • Orpington High Street closed while they repaired poor surface. Has now been reopened the new surface is acceptable.
  • Still no cycle parking in East Street (planned but nothing yet)


  • Crystal Palace very strong transport group, 2 big campaigns. Top of Crystal Palace park campaign for LCN23 to connect route into park. Number of cycling accidents on Anerley Hill – lobby for 20mph¸which is not in line with Bromley’s Space for Cycling Ask for that area, which was in fact to restrict parking to one side of the road only on Anerley Hill
  • Community Speedwatch – keen to set up community speedwatch/training required, discussion followed.

Next meeting 8th September, 2014 – Shortlands Tavern

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