December Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting

9th December, 2013 – Minutes

PRESENT: Spencer Harradine, Linda Rampling, John Wood, Eve Evans, Pete Nemestothy, Duncan Peterkin, Stephen Hardy, Paul Hardy, Derek Mark.

1. Apologies: Mel Cazatto, Tim Rowe, Steve Watkin

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – approved

3. Financial Report – Current financial balance £408.04

4. Matters arising from last meeting

5. Events

▪ Christmas Festivities – 29 people booked for the Christmas meal. Stephen to organise a play list for music and John to organise slide show of photos. Place cards for table – Eve.

▪ Space for Cycling Ward Based Campaign 2014 – John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Mary Manning attended the local groups forum 2 weeks ago at LCC. Good attendance from various boroughs, it was explained how the ward based campaign was going to work. The 6 Asks have been sent out in a survey and when the responses are received they will be collated. We will then decide what we want for each borough. In February there will be a public meeting so that we can send the ‘Asks’ to the candidates. There are 7000 candidates to target in all. Spencer asked for others within Bromley Cyclists to become involved.

6. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

Update John Wood

There has been much discussion from various people in respect of the changes that are proposed for Beckenham Junction, which is aiming to get HGV’s out of Beckenham High Street. John Wood is now on the Town Centre Team for Beckenham. We have had a look at all of the discussions, in particular those from Mr. Reed, but that is the extent of our involvement..

There is a further proposal for Kentish Way which will be reported at a future meeting.

John Wood has been working on a Ride v Rider Classification Chart. Copies were distributed.

7. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

Rides Report – Nine rides in November, including a very successful ride from St. Albans back to London with 15 riders. Wednesday night rides continue to be successful.

Rides Meeting update – There was a meeting on 25th November to plan rides for the coming year. We now have several rides on the website. The last Sunday of the month rides will commence again in April, but will move to the first Sunday of the month, thus avoiding many of the Bank Holidays.

It was proposed at the Rides Meeting that there will be another Rider Leader course in March, where people would be invited to attend from our own group, Penge Cycle Club and other clubs in the area. Eve proposed that we make a charge of £20 per person for this course from members outside of our own group to cover the cost of the course. Duncan proposed that if the course resulted in new ride leaders taking out rides for Bromley Cyclists then we might refund half of this fee. The group were in agreement with both of these proposals.

8. AOB.

• Item for the January Agenda on any proposed financial outgoings for 2014 and whether or not we need a fund raising event to ensure sufficient funds are available.

• Duncan has made contact with several other clubs to discuss rides and provided us with information regarding these.


Next meeting Monday 12th January 2014 The Liberal Club, Orpington.


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