December Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
Bromley Civic Centre
10th December, 2015

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Richard Gibbons, Geoff Ward

1. Apologies: Terry Kinnard, Derek Mark, John Wood, Linda Rampling
2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Proposed Spencer Harradine, Seconded Richard Gibbons. Approved.
3. Matters Arising
LCC Renewals – EE/JW have made an appointment to see Matthew at LCC before Christmas with regard to the membership. Action EE/JW
Cycling Strategy – SH, RG, EE, LR attended the Scrutiny Committee meeting held in November and questions were submitted prior to the event by SH, JW and RG. SH and RG had the opportunity to read out their questions at the meeting and JW will received an answer to his question by post. Although we did not quite get the answers we wanted, it was encouraging that Cllr. Smith stated that he emphatically supported cycling in the Borough. Subsequently the proposal was passed.

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – In the absence of the Treasurer EE confirmed there had been no financial transactions this month.

5. Parking at College – It has been brought to our attention that one of our local colleges are in favour of tidying up their premises by not allowing bike locks to be left on the cycle racks as this is ruining the look of the school. This would obviously mean that students/visitors to the gym would need to carry their heavy locks with them each day. SH to make enquiries as to how improved bike shelters might be obtained 1) to make bike parking more secure 2) improve the look of the racks. SH also to make enquiries with regard to establishing a bike user group which would give more credibility when applying for bike parking. Action SH.

6. To consider how the council is to be held to account for the decisions they make – we recently discovered that the area in Gosshill Road originally designated as part of the quiet way for cycling from Orpington to Canary Wharf had now been developed as a car park. It has been quiet difficult to establish whether or not this might include a path for cycling and on further inspection it appears that the path running alongside the car park may not be wide enough for shared use. JW is continuing to follow this up. So far we have been to find any up to date plans or details as to why this is now a car park. Action JW.

7. Coordinators Report – Appx I.

8. Ride Report – Appx. II
 SH/JW/EE will work on what we are going to do with regard to the beginners/new riders rides. EE suggested that as the Go Ride Club already meets at Hayes School on a Saturday might it be possible to have a slot there. It is already established as a venue for cycling and would not take up any more time for SH as he was in attendance each week anyway. New riders might also be obtained from the parents of the existing Go Ride members. SH thought this was a good idea and would make further enquiries, currently there is a space from 12-1pm and it is a good location from which to take riders onto the road once they are competent, as well as being very close to Norman Park.

9. Communications Report
Ride Social needs to be sorted out – Action RG/JW. RG will continue to work on bringing everything together from all the different sources before the next meeting.

10. Pub of the month
This month the Chelsfield
 Pub of the year competition to be decided – EE suggested that we discuss this with the regular Wednesday Weekly Wanderers and visit the winning pub early in the New Year to present the prize and get a photograph. EE to arrange engraving of small plaque to go on trophy which SH already has – Action EE
11. AOB
 EE reported the website is now working correctly with the help of Quarm Solutions
 Speakers for the 2016 quarterly meetings – a few suggestions were made SH to follow up – Action SH
 Halls to be booked for February (Bromley), May (Green Street Green), August (Penge), November (Bromley). Action EE
Meeting closed 8.30pm – Next meeting January 14th, 2016

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