December Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting

Minutes 10th December, 2012 – 8.15pm The Liberal Club, Orpington.

Present: John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Stephen Hardy, Melissa Cazatto, Tim Rowe, Steve Watkin, Les Back, Eve Evans, Derek Mark.

 1. Apologies: Paul Hardy, Nev Medhurst, Linda Rampling.

2. Approval of report of last meeting – Approved

3. Financial report – Current Financial Balance: £937.06.

4. Matters Arising from last meeting

• Cycling Community Centre/Pro Active Bromley. – Spencer, Steve, and John attended the Pro Active Bromley Forum in Bromley. The Cycle Bromley proposal was distributed to all members of the forum. Discussion followed as to how the proposed hub in Norman Park might be developed.

• Bromley Cyclists Programme 2013. – It is planned to develop the Youth Velo Club rides to every two weeks for January and February, increasing to weekly in March and April. Basic rides from April will link in with the Sky Rides, rides from schools and rides from bike shops. We can also use the Sky rides as a way of bike marking and Dr. Bike. There may also be more British Cycling ride leader courses, and a Bromley Festival. Derek is now an HGV driver and is keen to get involved with events using HGV’s. Discussion followed as to whether the Skyride will continue.

5. Rides & Event Planning

• Rides Report – 44 riders on 7 rides in November.

• WWW Venues – Now booked till Feb 2013.

• Future Rides Planning – Discussed Cyclist of the Year and ideas were put forward to improve this event to perhaps include bikability, racing, skills tests and BMX. There could be a winner for each category and an overall winner. Les Back did point out that not all of the children wanted to race and could this be considered when organizing the event.

• Ride Leader Course – early in the new year, venue to be arranged.

• Bike Shop rides – we now have our new business cards and these can be distributed to the various bike shops at which time we can discuss leading rides from their place of business and ask for the shops to be opened on those days to promote their businesses.

6. Policy & Campaigning Group Report

• Cycle Bromley – Spencer presented to Pro Active Bromley Parent Group. We need a delegate to sit on the Sport Leisure and Recreation Committee and the Travel Transport & Infrastructure Committee. To promote networking from which it is hoped the social enterprise company will develop.

• Safer lorries campaign LBB response – discussed.

7.Website Update

• Going well with new alterations.

 8.Go Ride & BGRRL Reports – Continuing to be successful, Penge currently have around 70 children attending aged from 5-15. Bigfoot are up to capacity with their numbers and are doing well. The recent competition at Bethlem with 65 children attending was a great success.

 Next meeting Monday 14th January 2013 – The Liberal Club Orpington

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