Annual Group Meeting minutes Feb 2018

Bromley Cyclists Group Annual Meeting

Star & Garter

227 High St



Monday 5 February 2018 – 7.30pm+

Agenda Items

  1. Open and welcome

Attendees: John Wood, Derek Mark, Jonathan Coulter, Tom Campbell, Linda Rampling, Richard Gibbons, Neil Webster (LCC trustee), Sarah Hayling, Joe Wand, Tracey Parker, Kevin Burford, Tim Wilde, James Rowe & Tony Saunders

  1. Apologies


  1. To consider the minutes of the Group Meeting on 20 November 2017 for approval

Proposed by Jonathan, seconded by Tracey. Approved.

  1. To consider the annual accounts for approval

Proposed by John Wood, seconded by Tracey Parker. Approved.

We have money available to spend on the local elections and we have some cash put aside for a new events shelter. We’ve not been asked for a budget by the LCC yet.

  1. To elect officers to the posts of coordinator, treasurer and secretary

Group coordinator: John Wood. Proposed by John, seconded by Tim. Approved.

Treasurer: Linda Rampling. Proposed by Linda. Seconded by Tim. Approved.

Secretary: Tom Campbell. Proposed by Tom. Seconded by Kevin. Approved

  1. AOB

With the local elections, the campaign will be alongside Living Streets. How can we promote Liveable Neighbourhoods?

Will Norman has agreed to visit Sutton, says Neil Webster. Bromley Cyclists might want to get involved and talk to Charles in Sutton.

We want to raise awareness of Liveable Neighbourhoods among voters (Jonathan). Suggestions for Liveable Neighbourhoods bids among attendees included extra routes into the Waterlink Way and a route along the Ravensbourne that would connect Hayes, Keston and Farnborough. We should decide what we might like then talk to the relevant councillors. We should check the guidance document on Liveable Neighbourhoods. Jonathan suggested using the marketing strategy AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, action) to get people involved.

Neil urged attendees to read the Made to Move document put together by Chris Boardman for Manchester: people not vehicles.

We should ask what councillors will do for cycling ahead of the elections.

Sarah mentioned that there are four new trainees focusing on community wellbeing in Bromley. They’re trying to change the attitude of young people to health, and cycling could come into this.

Jonathan suggested a big, totally open meeting on the Liveable Neighbourhoods that we would run but not as a group meeting. Might have to do it in March ahead of purdah.

We agreed that we would try the Two Doves for the May group meeting. We will try to book the conservatory.

























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