February Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Annual General Meeting
9th February, 2015 – Bromley Cricket Club

Present: Alice Reavell, Linda Rampling, Richard Gibbons, John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Rory McMullen, Derek Mark, Peter Nemestothy, Tessa Marie, Susan Lambert.
1) Election of officers:
1.1 Eve was proposed as secretary by Spencer Harradine and seconded by John Wood
1.2 Spencer Harradine was proposed as Coordinator by John Wood and seconded by Derek Mark
1.3 Linda Rampling was proposed as Treasurer by Spencer Harradine and seconded by Alice Reavell. All were elected by the Members present and recorded in the Minutes. The necessary Bank Mandates for change of Treasurer and signatories will be sent to Unity Trust Bank.

2) Apologies: were received from Terry Kinnard, Eve Evans and Tim Wild

3) Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the last meeting were approved 3.2 It was suggested that the Coordinators and Ride reports are attached as an addendum.

4) Matters arising: There was much discussion regarding the Golden Bike Awards. The categories suggested were: Ambience, Facilities, Bike Parking, Cycle friendly, Food, Quality of the beverages, Friendliness of Staff. These categories will be reduced down to four by the ride coordinators.

5) Financial Report: The meeting thanked Paul Hardy for his time whilst in the Treasurers position and all paperwork was handed to our new treasurer Linda Rampling. The coordinator reported only £20.00 of expenditure so current balance stands at £569.00.

6) Coordinators report (see attached)

7) Rides report (see attached)

8) Structure:
There was much discussion about the best way to deliver our new way of operating and the introduction of Clusters thereby joining two or thee town centres together seemed to find favour. It was felt that this would give ward reps/contacts another level of support. The following town clusters were suggested.
A) Orpington – Green St Green – Petts Wood & Cray Valley
B) Bromley – Shortlands & Sundridge – Chislehurst & Mottingham
C) West Wickham – Coney Hall & Hayes
D) Penge – Anerly & Crystal Palace
E) Beckenham – Elmers End & Copers Cope
F) Chelsfield – Cudham – Downe – Knockholt – Biggin Hill – Keston

8.2 We decided to setup a seperate group to help with the delivery of this to consist of. Tessa – Rory – Susan and Spencer.

9) AOB
9.1 It was agreed to have another website/comms meeting this time to include Phil
9.2 Derek has arranged a full day First Aid at Work course for anyone wishing to participate. 16th May £50.00
9.3 Rory mentioned the Infrastructure Bill which is currently passing through the House of Lords. John to do a brief roundup of key points.
9.4 John requested that we have more news on the website so please get your story’s coming. Linda – Susan and Alice to write a few words about their experience Cycling with Bromley Cyclists.
9.5 There was some discussion around the poor offering from TFL regarding the new layout on Crystal Palace Parade. Spencer to contact Frances from CPTT.
9.6 Travel Plan
9.7 Spencer reported he had cramp!!!!!
9.8 It was agreed to distribute the quarterly newsletter to local bike shops and notice boards as well as Business cards.
9.9 The proposed wander to the Pickhurst was amended to attend The Wheatsheaf in West Wickham.
The meeting closed at 10.07 and everyone adjourned to the bar.

Thanks to Bromley Cricket Club for their hospitality.

Coordinators Report January 2015

Please see below a list of the physical meetings that I have undertaken this month and a brief update on Churchfields.

12 Jan
Bromley Cyclists Meeting
This was our first experience of Bromley Cricket Club.
Looking forward to using the main room from February.
15th Jan
Met with Lollipop
Interesting meeting with Rachelle and Angie from Lollipop Events. Lots of discussion around ‘Cycle Mania’ 2015 but main thrust was how we can involve cycling in all Orpingtons events. Orpington 1st have chosen Food, Cycling and Art as their main themes. Any ideas considered so please put you thinking caps on.
17th Jan
Luke Anderson Club Visit
Luke is the recently appointed South Eastern Regional Development Manager from British Cycling. As part of his remit he has to visit all the cycle clubs in his area and I was very proud to introduce him to the very successful community Go Ride Clubs originally set up By Bromley Cyclists. Bigfoot Go Ride has currently 176 members.
22nd Jan
Met Lee Cooper Bromley College
Lee very kindly gave me a tour of the new facilities at Bromley College. The sports and public services team have a keen interest in developing their NVQ’s to include a cycling module. They are also hoping to work with Bromley’s Bikeability team to deliver Bikeability and confidence training for students and staff.
22nd Jan
Met Sarah Coughtrie St Christophers
St Christopher’s very keen to get a Bromley Cyclists support for their charity ride again this year. The event doubled in size last year and with the inclusion of the Michael Smith (paralympian) ‘Candle Project’ ride the event will be likely to grow again. There is not yet a date set for this although July xxx is currently favourite.
27th Jan
Youth and Parent Bikeability
To become a member of Bigfoot Youth you are required to undergo Bikeability training to level 3. Parents are also encouraged to participate and the first session successfully took place.
29th Jan
Cycle Bromley (See attached)
1st Feb
BGRRL Herne Hill
With the lack of suitable cycling facilities here in Bromley The BGRRL had to go to Herne Hill for its second event of the season. A great turnout from Reception through to year 13.
5th Feb
Follow up meeting with Lollipop Events
As I am writing this on the 3rd I will advise of any outcomes at the meeting on Monday.
I am happy to report that the Churchfields ‘Space 4 Cycling’ wish has gone before the planning committee has been deferred.
A deferral (or postponement) of a committee decision is made when the councillors seek additional information/ clarification/ reassurances about specific issues. It shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to raise anything new. In this case one of several matters that councillors have requested more info on is the enhancement of local cycle routes. Ideally this will mean that the application is approved subject to the developer entering in to a section 106 obligation for the developer to at least reserve the land for, if not actually construct, the cycle route along the back of the site. Alternatively a planning condition can be added. In both cases there would ideally be a plan that can be referenced in the planning Decision Notice which hatches out the strip of land concerned.
Regarding rides being covered by LCC insurance I received the following clarification from Amy Summers.

Hi Spencer,

In the event of anything happening, the fact that your rides are listed on your website, as part of LCC, would be ok, and you would be covered by LCCs insurance, of course. But not all groups are as efficient and conscientious as Bromley (!) so I’m trying to encourage all groups to use the new and updated Events platform to list all their events.

Regarding website and communications
Richard, Eve, John and I met to discuss how we could deal with this efficiently moving forward.

Spencer Harradine

Rides Report – January 2015
January Rides
Date Ride Distance Riders Leader
3 Jan View Tube 43 7 Linda
7 Jan www The Railway 10 9 Spencer
10 Jan The Cheese Run 40 13 Trevor
14 Jan www The Bricklayers 10 7 John
22 Jan www. Anglesea Arms 10 7 Spencer
25 Jan Exploratory 15 2 John
29 Jan www.The Woodman 10 4 Spencer
7 rides in total which included 49 individual rides!
3 rides excluding WWW
WWW – 4 rides
Leader Board All Rides
Spencer – 3
John – 2
Linda – 1
Trevor – 1
Leader Board (excl WWW)
John – 1
Linda – 1
Trevor 1
Ride Popularity
The most popular ride in January was The Cheese Run (13 Riders).
I have a rides meeting arranged with Eve and Steve Watkins for later in the month and will report back to the next meeting.
We have had 7 website registrations for rides between 20/12/2014 – 20/01/2015.
This has been a poor month for rides. This should be seen as unsurprising considering the time of year and the weather conditions

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