February Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting – 10th February, 2014 – Minutes

8.pm – 10pm – Shortlands Tavern Function Room

 Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Andrew Fergar, Steven Watkin, Paul Hardy¸ Duncan Peterkin, Linda Rampling, Mary Manning, Steve Hall, Stewart Curtis, John Wood, Derek Mark

 1. Election of Officers for 2014: The following officers were duly elected for 2014.

Eve Evans – Secretary, Spencer Harradine – Coordinator, Paul Hardy – Treasurer

Seconded by JW, EE and SH respectively.

2. Apologies for absence– Steve Bunn, Tim Rowe, Mike Edgerton, Peter Nemestothy, Alex Raja, Mel Cazatto, Stephen Hardy, Richard Gibbons.

 3. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved LR

 4. Financial Report – Paul reported our expenditure as per the last quarters statement and informed of the December balance of £408.27. New web hosting to be paid is £103.42. We received approximately £261 from LCC in October.

 5. Matters arising from last meeting

Printing quote from DM as follows; £79 per 1000 trifold leaflets, 87 per 2000 or 142 per 5,000. It was decided that these were to be completed by 1st April, 2014.

 6. Events

▪ Extraordinary Meeting 12th February – after a successful meeting two weeks ago where we identified a number of Ward Champions, we have diagnosed the survey data and explained how the Campaign and data collection regarding the Asks will work. At the meeting on 12th February the Asks will be ratified and EE will then collate the data ready for forwarding to LCC by 28th February. Members have again been emailed today regarding the meeting. Next Step: DP to find out where the hustings are taking place.

▪ 10th May – Another Market on Beckenham Green

▪ The Big Ride 17th May – Bromley Cyclists will lead a ride up from Bromley South to join The Big Ride in respect of the Space for Cycling campaign.

▪ Countryside Day – June 29th 2-5pm – to be held at Keston Common. Discussion as to Bromley Cyclists attendance. On this occasion LBB will not be represented.

▪ Bromleys Corporate Socially Responsibility Expo March 13th SH felt our presence at a corporate event might be useful as far as the Space for Cycling Campaign is concerned.

▪ 28th June – West Wickham event – SH has been contacted in respect of this event. LCC will be there.

 7. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

▪ LBB Borough Cycling Programme – Mel Cazzato – As MC was unable to attend tonight’s meeting, SH spoke on this subject instead. TFL have announced the funding allocation for the Borough Cycling Programme and the LBB have received £497,750 for the next three years to significantly increase cycle training, cycle parking and to produce a cycling strategy. MC also attended a Quietways meeting The Quietways are part of the Mayors cycling vision. The Mayor expect 30-40 routes by the end of a 10 year period.

▪ Waterlink Way Meeting – LR and MM attended and reported. When work starts cctv cameras will be in place to restrict traffic to 20mph. Westdown Road parking will be suspended. 3 way traffic lights will be in place. The Waterlink Way is expected to be closed for 6 weeks.

▪ Beckenham Town Centre Meeting – JW attended and reported back regarding the £3.2m Beckenham Town Centre development. MM will attend next meeting.

 Space for Cycling Ward Based Campaign 2014 – EE and JW updated as to where we are at the moment and what needs to be done.

 8. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

 Rides Report – SW reported that he will not have a lot of time in the coming year and suggested someone else might take over the Ride Manager role. Rides for the forthcoming year were also discussed.

 9. AOB – AF told us a little about Meetup and this will be put on the Agenda for next month.

Next meeting 10th March, 2014 – 8.00pm at The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands, Bromle


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