Group Meeting minutes May 2017

Bromley Cyclists Group Meeting

St Edmunds Church Hall

11 Village Way

Monday 15 May 2017 – 7.30pm


  1. Open and welcome

The coordinator welcomed attendees and our guest speaker, and introduced members of the ManCom. Attending were most of the ManCom (John Wood, Tom Campbell, Tracey Parker, Derek Mark, Linda Rampling & Richard Gibbons), plus at least ten other people: Geoffrey Ward, LCC trustee Amy Foster, Gareth (couldn’t decipher surname on list), Tim Wild, Jim Bush from Croydon, Michael To, speaker Francis Bernstein, Eileen Ward, Sutton coordinator Charles Martin ( and LCC campaigns coordinator Fran Graham.

  1. To consider the minutes of the Group Annual Meeting on 13 March 2017 for approval

The minutes were proposed by Tracey Parker and John Wood – approved.

  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

  1. Coordinator’s report

The coordinator ran through his report (appendix). There was a discussion about the forthcoming Strategic Cycling Analysis Map that will show both current and potential “desire lines” for cycling between places (not routes).

  1. Treasurer’s report, including the group’s Annual Accounts 2016-17 and Budget for 2017-18

The accounts and budget (appendix) were proposed by Tracey Parker and Geoffrey Ward – approved.

  1. Guest presentation

Francis Bernstein gave an informative presentation on Crystal Palace Park and some other methods for improving cycling.

Bromley Council’s consultation on its regeneration plan for Crystal Palace Park is only happening on 19 & 20 May. Walking and cycling through the park is difficult due to steps or long detours. Crystal Palace Parade is being totally remodelled, but there is no link into the park. Likewise with the Quietway. There is a community fund available, but only for the next few months.

One general idea for holding the council to account is by using the Healthy Streets check (which includes cycling).

A free web app called Placecheck can be used for community engagement. It allows people to add pins to a local map pointing out things they like and dislike.

A Transport for London scheme takes a mix of people on rides through roadworks to fix traffic problems during developments, including those affecting cyclists. People taking part include developers, cyclists, pedestrians, TfL people, contractors and the police. They try to fix what they can then and there and produce short reports. There are opportunities to go on one of these rides, see how it’s done and get other councils on board. Michael Barratt runs the project.

  1. AOB

LCC campaigns coordinator Fran gave an update on head office. The general election ask is due out this week or next. It will be to do with calling for the implementation of the recommendations of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s report on Cycling and the Justice System.

There is other current LCC work on the proposed pedestrianisation of Oxford St, the Bank junction trial and calls for a “London Boulevard” for cyclists between Oxford St and Old St roundabout.

The LCC’s campaign for 2018 local elections is being worked on as it is a key point for pressure. It will be a local borough ask not a ward level one.

The meeting discussed the possibility of getting LCC flyers printed with space for Bromley Cyclists to print its own bits on, perhaps on the back.

An LCC survey is coming on what printed materials are needed for events – and how many of each item are needed.  Head office also wants us to let them know what else we might need.

The LCC’s Better Junctions ask has led to improvements, but only 2 out of the 70 or so being tackled are in outer London. Forthcoming desire line maps will feed into decisions on which junctions to tackle next. This could lead to more outer London ones being tackled in the future.

Twelve marshals are needed for the Tour de Penge on 11 June.

LCC trustee Amy Foster asked those at the meeting to consider joining the LCC board. People can speak to her about this.

There was a discussion on the limited air pollution monitoring in Bromley.

It was announced that updated TfL cycle maps are available.

A consultation on Southeastern trains is currently running.

  1. Close

The meeting was brought to a close by the chairman at around 9.15pm.

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