January Minutes

The Liberal Club, 7 Station Rd, Orpington, Kent

13 JANUARY 2014



Spencer Harradine (Coordinator & Chair)

Derek Mark

Peter Nemestothy

Linda Rampling

Richard Gibbons

Timothy Rowe

John Wood (minutes)

The Coordinator welcomed all present and wished everyone a Happy New Cycling Year

1.                 Apologies:

Eve Evans (Secretary)

Paul Hardy (Treasurer)

Steve Hardy

Steve Watkins

Melissa Cazatto

Alex Raha

Mary Manning

Eric van Brommell

2.                 Approval of Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the monthly meeting held on 9 December 2013 which had been previously published on the website for comment and correction were presented by the acting secretary, proposed by Spencer and confirmed by the members.

3.                 Matters arising from last meeting

Ride Leader Training Course – date and venue to be confirmed

The ride leader course will be at the Bethlem Hospital, date is provisionally 30 March 2014 to be booked through Jonathan Burns from Penge Cyclists – Action Spencer.

No progress had been made to identify candidates for a ride leader course.

Decision. A charge of £20 per trainee to be made to cover the costs of putting on the course (c£200).

Decision. Course is to be financially neutral to Bromley Cyclists.

Decision. The course will be published on the website as an item of news. Steve Hardy to build a Registration Form to attach to the item – Action Steve Hardy.

Tim Rowe to draft the item for the website and we will then refine it before publication – Action Tim

Spencer reported that LBB may not be reengaging with the British Cycling SkyRide programme and had spoken to him about Bromley Cyclists involvement with a ride programme for this year. Nothing had been formalised. Rides would be targeted at groups within the borough. “Age UK” was mentioned as one such group. There was also a thought that ride leaders could be recruited from amongst people recently retired.

The trifold leaflet was discussed. Spencer suggested that a simple postcard might be a good alternative to the trifold layout, the main purpose of which is to direct people to our website. John suggested the trifold was suited to this but also gave some information. There was concern that the trifold should be generic and not contain content that was time critical. Content should include the sort of rides and events we organise, our connection with LCC and campaigning activities, and our social dimension. Trifold needs to be ready for the season, it was late last year and some of the events were passed before it was published. It was suggested the trifold should be available for March when the season gets under way. Derek pointed out that in effect there were 4 sections of the trifold where text and images could be added which amounts to about 66% of the document.

John asked whether any of the artwork for the flyer could be adapted to be used in the LCC London Cyclist magazine insert thus maintaining our branding. Derek thought it would be difficult and explained that he had sent a blank for us to consider how we might publish the trifold and we could have a look at this and see if anything “jumped out of the page.”

Decision. We produce a flyer ready for the new season which will not “become timed out” – Action Spencer, Eve, John and Derek.

Decision. Spencer will contact Andy Harding to see if any of the artwork can be pulled out of the flyer for use in the LCC magazine insert – Action Spencer.

Proposed expenditure for 2014 – is further money needed

Dealt with under next heading.

4.                 Financial Report

Proposed expenditure for 2014 – is further money needed

At present we seem to have sufficient resources for the activities we are engaging in. It must be assumed that there are likely to be costs associated with the forthcoming Space4Cycling Campaign

Balance at last meeting was                    + £408.04

Payment from LCC for led rides to Ride London                    + £160.00

Web hosting payments to be paid to Shaun                       – £40.00

                             ditto.                                                      – £103.42

Liberal Club re Monthly meeting in January                        – £20.00

New Balance                      £+ 404.62

There has also been a request for payment for a mapping plug-in on the website for c. €39. As the plug-in does not work and as we did not request it we are not minded to settle this at the moment. Decision – do not pay.

5.                 Events

Christmas Festivities – feedback Stephen Hardy

The Christmas Dinner at the Shortlands Tavern was considered a success. Thirty members and guest had attended creating a wonderful Xmas atmosphere. It was good value!

There were a few relatively minor observations:

  1. Service had been slow
  2. The meatballs selection had not been as good as the other options
  3. The table layout agreed with the pub had been changed without notice rendering our carefully prepared table plan unusable which was an irritation.
  4. It was felt that the satellite tables had been marginalised and somehow lacked the atmosphere of the central big table.

6.                 Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

Update John Wood

John explained that during the Xmas break he had taken the opportunity to identify cycling infrastructure from Bromley South Station towards the east of Bromley. John explained that a cycling route had been there all along but as is so often the case in the borough the resource is seriously let down by poor or lack of signage.

Tim pointed out that whilst the route away from the station towards the east of town was acceptable what was not acceptable was the route going from west to east as it is not possible for bikes to travel west in Elmfield Road. The get around being for cyclists having to carry/push their bikes from Kentish Way down the steps and then up the hill at Elmfield Rd which is given over to parking for taxis.

Space for Cycling Ward Based Campaign 2014 – Spencer/John

Spencer and John explained how the Space4Cycling ward campaign was planned.

It was explained that Spencer, John and Eve had met during the Xmas break to prepare a list of potential ward asks. Using survey data supplied by the LCC office an ask had been identified for all wards. The next step was for the asks to be presented to all Bromley Cyclists, at the meeting in February, for ratification.

Spencer explained that the intention to hold the meeting at the town hall on Monday 10 February had been thwarted by council policy to prevent the hiring of rooms in the town hall on Monday evenings.

Decision. Spencer had managed to contact the Links hiring officer who had offered the Links hall on Wednesday 12 February as an alternative and Spencer thought that this would be appropriate instead of the Wednesday Wander. He would book the room and notify Amy at LCC office so that invitations could be sent out to our members – Action Spencer

Spencer explained that the asks we had prepared were going to be added to an interactive map of London so that anyone could click on any ward and activate a pop up detailing the ask and material supporting the it. Spencer hopes that he can get at least one Bromley Cyclist Member per ward to take ownership of the ask. He would like each of these ask owners to produce a brief video clip (7-10 seconds) explaining why the ask was needed. These clips would be joined up to make a very short ask video. – Action Spencer, John, Eve and Mary.

John and Eve will be attending the LCC Space4Cycling Activists Workshop next Saturday. – Action John and Eve.

7.                 Sport. Leisure & Recreation

Rides Report

There were 9 rides in December with a total of 33 riders. Two rides were abandoned due to weather.

Spencer asked for the Ride Matrix to be finalised and published on the rides page of the website. – Action John

Spencer suggested he would lead two rides on Sunday 16 & 23 February, both up the Waterlink Way to Greenwich. Family orientated. To be published on the site and on other media. – Action John.

  • 8.                 AOB

Spencer had been advised that the political attachment of the Liberal Club might prove awkward as the 2014 Campaign approaches and there was a need for us to find somewhere to hold our meetings that did not have political bias. Another venue for our monthly meetings was being sought as a matter of urgency. The Shortlands tavern was being considered which had the added advantage of being further to the north of the Borough and nearer the centre of our activities. – Action Spencer

At the next meeting there would be another call for business cards to be distributed to our cycle shops in the borough. – Action Eve

At the next meeting the camping trip dates will need to be finalised.  – Action Eve

Members would like a Bromley Cyclists trip to Bedgebury. – Action Steve Watkins

Next meeting Monday 10 February, 2014 – venue to be advised

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