July Minutes

The Shortland’s Tavern, 5 Station Rd, Bromley, BR2 0EY

14 JULY 2014


Present; Spencer Harradine (Coordinator & Chair), Eve Evans (Secretary), Derek Mark, Peter Nemestothy, Linda Rampling, Richard Gibbons, Timothy Rowe, John Wood, Duncan Peterkin, Andrew Miller

The Coordinator welcomed all present.

  1. Apologies: Paul Hardy (Treasurer),Alex Raha,Terry Kinnard,Pam French,Karen Wrighton,T Folkes,Abu Ansary,
  1. Approval of Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the monthly meeting held on 9 June 2014 which had been previously published on the website for comment and correction were proposed by John Wood and Duncan Petertkin and confirmed by the members.

  1. Financial Report

In the absence of the Treasurer the Coordinator reported that he was not aware of any expenditure since the June meeting. We had still to receive an invoice for the Space for Cycling materials supplied by LCC – expected to be around £120.

The coordinator confirmed that he would shortly be applying for the annual grant from LCC

  1. Matters arising from last meeting
  • LBB Cycle Event 21 June – Spencer/John feedback

Spencer and John gave feedback on the event which was considered a success. Spencer indicated that he felt that we would probably wish to become more engaged with future versions of this event as it was a good opportunity to promote cycling to the borough.

Spencer intends to increase the number of Bromley Go-Ride Racing League (BGRRL) to 7 per year with the 7th being held at future versions of this event.

  • West Wickham Event 28 June – Linda feedback

Linda reported that the geography of West Wickham coupled with poor weather conditions meant that this event was challenging. It was pointed out that West Wickham is primarily a thoroughfare rather than a shopping centre; a place where people pass through to get from one destination to another. It was felt that if there was to be a repeat then the format would need to be addressed

  • Led Rides Programme – update

Spencer gave an update on the slow start to the led rides programme. The programme is in its infancy! LBB officers have borrowed the Brompton Bikes for Bikeability.

It was felt that there were target audiences for this type of resource; the National Trust was suggested as a possibility.

  • Polhill – update

There was no update. John had emailed Sustrans but had not received a response which was perhaps not surprising as we now think that this route does not belong to them.

Spencer to contact Sevenoaks Cyclists and see if we can take this forward.

It was suggested that if we didn’t get some sort of permission to proceed we might just go and do it anyway during the winter season.

  1. Rides & Events
  • Ride Report

John reported

  • Rides 2014 – discussion on how to get more local people on rides, maybe contact other organisations.
  • St. Christophers’ Hospice event Sunday – Spencer asked for help at feed stations
  • Christmas Party – Wed 17 Dec – JW and EE to organise
  • Led Ride – Freecycle – there is a lot of promotion going into this ride. A good response is expected. LCC need to know how many marshals we will provide. These will be John, Spencer, Linda, Alice, Karen, James, Peter.
  1. Space for Cycling Campaign

 We discussed how this campaign went and decided that we had some success in Bromley. JW and EE to attend meeting on 15th July at LCC to discuss at Policy Forum.

  1. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure – John Wood – Discussion re improvements planned across Cudham Lane outside Rose and Crown.
  2. AOB
  • It was emphasised that attendance at non-cycling events such as market on the green was a good opportunity for us to promote cycling and something we should embrace.
  • Duncan – Wednesday Weekly Wander – this event continues to attract new people and discussion followed as to how important it was to keep this as a steady social ride, given the variety of experienced and inexperienced riders attending.
  • Richard – discussed the redevelopment of the Old Police Station at Orpington and the provision of cycle parking. We need to get involved at the planning stage.

 Next meeting 11th August, 2014 – Shortlands Tavern

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