March Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting

10th March, 2014 – Minutes – 10pm – Shortlands Tavern Function Room


Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, John Wood, Geoff Ward, Andrew Fergar, Pete Nemestothy, Derek Mark, Linda Rampling, Melissa Cazatto, Lindsey Bryan, Alex Raha.


1.               Apologies for absence – Tim Row, Richard Gibbons, Paul Hardy, Stephen Hardy


2.               Approval of Minutes of last meeting – approved JW


3.               Financial Report – Expenditure for last month £77 for Space for Cycling meeting.


4.               Matters arising from last meeting

   Printing of leaflets – the focus at the moment is going to be Space for Cycling, so leaflets will be put on hold for the moment.

   Meetup – Andrew Fergar has found this to be successful.  Andrew, Geoff, Linda and Peter to run.


5.               Rides & Events

   Ride Report – John Wood and Eve Evans to take over as Rides Coordinators.  6 rides in February, Andrew Fergar ran a very successful Darenth Valley ride which attracted 18 cyclists.  The Wednesday Weekly Wanders continue to be well supported.

   Rides 2014 – as well as our feature rides, the 1st Sunday in the month rides will commence in April. Geoff Ward suggested a ride to Croydon airport and it was suggested that this be incorporated in the Ride Well June ride.

   Led Ride Programme ­ – Cycling Team and Public Health have come up with a led ride programme for people who might benefit from becoming more active.  They will come to us via a referral hub and cycle training, progressing to led rides.  Project will be funded by ProActive Bromley. All ride leaders will be paid by ProActive Bromley and it is estimated there will be approximately 12 rides per year.

   10th May – Beckenham Town Centre event – Spencer to attend

   11th May – Commuter Ride to London – Spencer to lead

   The Big Ride Event(London) May 17th – Awaiting final confirmation that this date is correct. Bromley Cyclists will lead ride up from Bromley South.

   The Big Event (Bromley Cyclists) May 18th­­ ­– Spencer to confirm the availability of Norman Park for a mass meet up of cyclists to support Space for Cycling campaign.

   Beckenham Green – Mary Manning attended the meeting this month in place of John Wood.

   14th June – Trooping the Colour ride 14th Spencer to organise

   21st June – LBB Event Cyclist of the Year am – Biking Buzz event pm

   West Wickham – 28th June – Event in West Wickham High Street, Linda Rampling to attend.

   LBB Cycle event


6.               Space for Cycling Campaign

   Campaign so far – Eve gave update re campaign so far and thanked everyone for their help in ensuring we submitted our Ask template to LCC ahead of schedule.

   Next Steps – will be to organise and hold our event in May¸hopefully in Norman Park and contact various residents associations, schools and other bodies to acquire their support for the campaign.


7.               Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

   JHW mentioned that LBB in conjunction with Cyclehoops, a private partner who produce cycling hardware (racks, ramps, stands etc), had installed Ramps on the two footbridges over the rail line in Shortlands. JHW felt this was a strong indication that the ‘Ask’ selected for the Shortlands Ward (opening up the children’s playground from Simpsons Rd towards Aylesbury Rd) was very much in tune with the problems encountered by cyclists in the area. JHW also commented that the ramps were of no use to an elderly or weaker cyclist who would possibly lack the strength to push a bike up the bridge and should be considered as a temporary solution and not the final remedy.


JHW commented that LBB and TfL had decided to progress the scheme to allow taxis to turn right from Kentish Way into Elmfield Rd in the bus lane. Bromley Cyclists had written in to the consultation and asked that the right turn be extended to cyclists and this has been agreed.


8.               AOB


   The Boroughs who were successful with the Mini Holland bid were: Kingston, Enfield and Waltham Forest.

   Spencer thank Mel for all the hard work she has put in while working for LBB and wished her luck in her new job.



Next meeting 14th April, 2014 – Shortlands Tavern


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