May Minutes

Minutes of Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting 13th May, 2013

The Liberal Club, Orpington

Present: Spencer Harradine, Stephen Hardy, Eve Evans, John Wood, Tim Rowe, Paul Hardy, Melissa Cazzatto, Derek Mark.

1. Apologies: Glyn Aylsworth, Peter Nemestothy

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved

3. Financial Report – Paul Hardy has submitted the annual accounts for last year and proposed budget. LCC have asked if we want their donation from membership and we have responded positively. Forecast has been submitted for coming year. Current financial balance £345.90.

4. Matters arising from last meeting

• Bromley Plan – John has written to the council, but as yet has not received a response.

• Monthly Policy Seminar – John Wood attended. These are not in fact monthly meetings, future dates are 28th May, 6th June and 10th July.

• Rides Brochure – Proof was passed round, discussion followed.

5. Events

• Schools Cycling Competiton – date for this event 6th June

• Cyclist of the Year – 22nd June with the Biking Buzz pm

• Camping Trip – will take place 14th June weekend

• Mildenhall Rally – open for camping pitches, refer to website

• Market on Beckenham Green – 18th May. We have been asked by Copers Cope Residents Association to have a presence at this event which will be on the green by St. Georges Church. John Wood and Spencer Harradine will be there to set up, help requested from other members.

6. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

• Local Groups Forum – John Wood attended the LCC Groups Meeting and reported: Many of the other borough groups are far more active than we are. It was noted that many elected representatives appear to be antagonised by activists and this might be counterproductive. Boroughs have been asked to bid for Mini Holland Status and submit an expression of interest by 25/6/2013. It was noted that the PM is trailed to make a major speech about cycling in the UK and possibly set up an Office for Active Travel; he might appoint a national cycling commissioner to mirror the role of Andrew Gilligan in the capital.

The centre is thinking of changing the format of the AGM to a Campaigners Conference.

The centre have an idea to get the 2014 election campaign going at ward level, but are struggling to work out how to. The centre seeks borough level intelligence and activists. This is unlikely to impact on Bromley Cyclists. The centre was made aware of our recent contact with a residents association.

The London Cyclist Magazine will be reduced to a quarterly publication. There will be a monthly e-newsletter introduced.

7. Sport, Leisure & Recreation

• Rides Report – Steve Watkin gave the ride report. 80 riders this month on 11 rides, the ride to Richmond being the most popular.

• Sunday monthly rides – going well with 20 rides out last month. Eve suggested we meet at the other end of the park and Spencer will contact the necessary person to check this is alright.

• Youth Velo Club – stopped for the summer as four members are racing on a Saturday.

• Harris Hospicecare – The pre ride did not take place, but Spencer has driven the route. 2nd June is the new proposed pre ride date, dependent on whether or not they get their newsletter out. People will be required on July 14th to assist with the day.

• Tour de Penge 19th May – We will ride the route on Wednesday evening to check it out. Penge Cycle Club are taking the lead on this one and we will meet up with them in Penge on Wednesday evening. Bromley Cyclists will act as ride guides on 19th.

8. Go Ride/BGRRL

• Volunteers needed for the second Bigfoot Go Ride club.

• 25th May – Cycling Promotion day at Hayes Village Hall

• Go Ride Racing League had a very successful event at the Cyclopark last weekend.

9. Website

• Can we remove the ride registration forms from the Skyrides shown on Bromley Cyclists website as it is causing some confusion in the registration process. The Skyriders need to register directly on the Skyride website and not Bromley Cyclists website.

• It was requested that we modify the ride registration form to include a tick box for a reply to, ‘where did you hear from us’.

10. AOB

• Derek Mark is researching flags for bikes, this might be used as a form of advertising when we are out riding. Discussion followed.

• Bike Week – it was decided that we should not add any more events to this week other than the Wednesday Weekly Wander.

• Spencer – TABS. Steve Watkin will be attending The Association of Bikability Schemes conference which, among other topics, will include a series of updates about where Bikeability stands and what the future might hold. We were all asked our opinions regarding this and discussion followed.

Next meeting Monday 10th June, 2013 – The Liberal Club, Orpington

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