May Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting Report 14th May, 2012

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Derek Mark, Les Back, Shaun McDonald, Nev Medhurst, Stephen Hardy, Linda Rampling, Lyn Cornfield, Phil.

1. Apologies: Paul Hardy, Paula Godman

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

3. Financial report: Financial Balance £1,152.74.

4. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

• Tour de Penge – Around 150 people turned up for this event. A very successful day with Steve Watkin as Dr. Bike before the start. Splitting into four groups worked well. There will be a debrief meeting to iron out any problems before the next ride and it was agreed to purchase two more walkie talkies.

• Sky Ride Leaders – Spencer was the only one from Bromley Cyclists to attend the course on 5th May due to this being held on the Bank Holiday weekend. Several ride leaders from Lewisham and a few bikability people there. A good course and the dates for the Skyrides have now been released. Full details on

• Summer of Cycling leaflet – Almost complete. The Bromley Road Safety Team are to have a third of the space on the new leaflet.

• Ride Safe, Ride Bright – Very successful event held on a rather wet Friday evening. Attended by local celebrities and local MPs we rode through the streets of Beckenham to promote cyclists being seen on the road. Nev Medhurst was there as Dr. Bike and the Bromley Safer Transport Team also attended.

• The Big Ride – Achieved everything it set out to do with 10,000 riders on the day, despite the bad weather and nearly 40,000 signed the petition, which was presented prior to commencement of the ride. Two feeder rides were successful, as well as the additional meeting place at Catford Bridge.

• Photoshoot – we will meet at Bromley South Station as usual on a Wednesday night. Phil Shemmings will take photos in various locations in Bromley, which can then be used on our website. Lots of different types of people and bikes for the evening needed.

 5. Rides & Events Planning

• Ride Report – 16 rides in April with 171 riders. This compares to 14 rides and 148 riders in April 2011 so numbers are up.

• WWW venues for next month- chosen and will appear on website.

• Festival of Sport – Discussed using the park behind The Churchill Theatre (bottom section). This will be a youth based event with Go Ride taster sessions, hill climb, BMX etc. The Road Safety Team will be based in the High Street and maybe we can tie in with them regarding handing out Bromley Cyclists information.

• Bike Week 2012 – a special Wednesday Weekly Wander that week and possibly a ride to Norwood on the Friday of bike week, where Derek Mark has kindly offered the use of his facilities for a BBQ. There is a Dr Bike at the Civic Centre on 20th June. It was suggested we hold an all day event in Norman Park on 17th June.

• Stewart’s Charity Ride – This will be held on the August Bank Holiday weekend. The first day will be around 100 miles and Nev will start some training sessions for this soon. Anyone wishing to do this ride MUST attend one of the training rides first.

• Ride Leaders. – Post your rides on the website please. If anyone else would like to plan a ride and have it led, please let us know.

6. Publicity

• Looking for someone to head this up.

7. Policy & Campaigning Group

• Love London Go Dutch – 40,000 signatures were gathered prior to the mayoral election. The LCC now have to ensure that the Mayor does what they would like with regard to cycling.

• Infrastructure for improving cycling in Bromley – There are plans for the Cray Greenway which will be a cycle path from Polhill to Bexley.

• Oakley Road junction – Shaun has been involved in this and asked for ideas from Bromley Cyclists. There were some constructive responses from Spencer, Nev and Eve.

8. Website Update

• Meeting 23rd April – very useful meeting with many minor changes made to the website.

• Cycle to Work – Nev will get this put on the website.

9. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• Going from strength to strength. Penge had 54 last week and Bigfoot 40. Bigfoot will commence 2 sessions starting in September to allow them to take in more children. 19th May is the next track event, with the final event being on 23rd June.

10. AOB

• Olympics – suggested we arrange buddied rides to London during the Olympics. Spencer to contact Andrew Fergar and then put details on website.

• Grays Farm School – We have received a very nice letter from the school thanking Steve, Nev and Eve for assisting in their ride for Sports Relief Day. Les Back has asked for suggestions as to how we can encourage more girls into his club, as they are currently losing them in favour of Zumba.

• Pedalpalooza – Derek Mark told us of a do-it-yourself bicycle festival held for a week in June in London. With a variety of bike-related events, Pedalpalooza brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels through cycling for fun and transportation. If you have an event idea between 3rd and 9th June, we can add it to the calendar on their website.

• Local Groups Forums meetings – Spencer – the dates for this are 25th May, 28th May, 29th May is anyone would like to attend representing Bromley Cyclists.

• Bromley Council –have produced a getting started pack for cycling.

• Meeting with Safer Transport Team – Spencer to attend.

• New Cycling Clubs – Les Back introduced us to Phil, who is a teaching assistant at Chelsfield Primary School, who told us about the cycling clubs he is running at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

• Bike Music – discussion followed on how we will achieve this.

• Breeze – Spencer asked if we could get some ladies from Bromley Cyclists involved with this.

Next meeting The Liberal Club, Orpington 8.15pm – Monday, 11th June.

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