Minutes – 12th August 2013 Meeting

1. Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Linda Rampling, John Wood, Tim Rowe, Derek Mark, Melissa Cazatto, Steve Watkin.

2. Apologies: Paul Hardy, Stephen Hardy

3. Approval of Minutes of last meeting

4. Financial Report – £160 expected from LCC as payment for rides into Freecycle. Only expenditure this month is meeting costs and brochure printing.

5. Matters arising from last meeting

Steve Heeley – Mayors Cycling Vision – Deferred to item 6 as it is likely that the Couincil will concentrate on getting money from budgets other than mini-Hollands.

Prudential RideLondon and Ride 100 – 65 rode up to London including two from the Isle of Wight and one from Maidstone. Then Spencer took at ride back at 3.30pm and another at 8.30pm. Very successful day.

Market on Beckenham Green

Tim, Conrad, Audrey and John Wood distributed hundreds of flyers. It is possible that this has something to do with the increased level of attendance at the last WWW. John had displays of his commute route and was asked to provide email access by about 8 people.

John also displayed examples of the monthly e-Newsletter from LCC and about 8 provided email addresses and asked to be added to the LCC mailing list. There is a request for us to attend a further event in October.

John spoke to 2 councillors – Stephen Wells and Michael Tickner. Stephen Wells seems approachable. John also met the prospective councillor for West Wickham: Hannah ??Gray?? She wanted to talk and brought the other councillors round to meet me suggest we get Linda to meet her.

6. Events

■ ‘Space4cycling’ ride Monday 2nd September.

It is vital that we support this. Politicians are going the extra mile to debate this. It is important that we show them that it is an important topic. John Wood suggested we write to our MP’s asking him/ her to attend. This will be a peaceful protest ride past parliament while the debate is taking place. Jubilee Gardens 6pm.

Bromley Town Centre promotional event – Sunday 1st September.- Help needed for this please. There will be lots of entertainment and this will be an opportunity for Bromley Cyclists to link up with Bromley Council.

■ LCC Conference and AGM 19th October.- We need as many Bromley Cyclists as possible at this event please.

Council Elections 2014 – Spencer has a special item on the Agenda for next monthly meeting. Schools Ask will be submitted which was prepared by John and Eve following an LCC meeting. 40,000 people will be targeted via the LCC email campaign.

7. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

Update from John Wood

John has emailed Mrs Katrina Iddon, who is coordinator of the Federation of Bromley Residents Associations, who will forward the email to all her members (about 40), to see if any are interested. As previously agreed, it is important that we form partnerships with other groups in the borough. We need to improve the image of cyclists by cultivating friendships and partnerships.

We have submitted our two wishes to the council: Cycling Corridors into Bromley Town Centre and quietways across Bromley Common. These can be viewed on the website. Spencer, Eve & I have been invited to attend two stakeholder meetings being organised by the council. We will hopefully be able to promote our wishes. But I suspect we are also going to be told just what the council is planning to do for cycling in the borough. – DECISION ALTHOUGH THE INVITATION IS FOR JUST ONE MEETING WE WILL ATTEND BOTH.

We were recently sent details of some planned installation of cycling infrastructure on the A21 at Green St Green and invited to comment; which we did. We do not know who made a request for such infrastructure or why anyone considered it necessary. John has sent an email to TfL asking for this information and so far has heard nothing.

We see Beckenham as the next logical choice for this hub treatment and after that West Wickham. These two hubs will readily link to the Bromley Wish and I think we should do the same thing, looking to ultimately have a network of cycling routes cri-crossing the borough.

8. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

■ Rides Report

Nine rides this month, the Wednesday Weekly Wander still attracting the biggest numbers. Discussion followed regarding rides and that we are down on last year. We need to get more rides on the website for the latter part of this year. Steve Watkin to arrange.

9. Go Ride/BGRRL – plans are progressing well for the new Pickhurst Go Ride Club with involvement from John Wood.

10. Website – working well. Still need to get Phil Shemmings to reverse the order on the bike tag page with the latest picture appearing first.

11. AOB.

a) Suggested that we replace the 18th December www with our Christmas dinner/celebrations.

b) Wednesday Weekly Wander. Discussed how we would deal with the much larger groups we are beginning to attract and the varying abilities within those groups. It was suggested that we may have to split into two different ability groups when necessary. Eve suggested that we allocated a ride leader to each Wednesday to ensure we always have one for the Wednesday Weekly Wanders, this will be discussed next Wednesday evening.

c) British Cycling is running a ‘Local Cycling Hero’ competition and Spencer Harradine has been put forward. Everyone was encouraged to vote and spread the word to others.

Next meeting Monday 9th September, 2013 The Liberal Club, Orpington.

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