Minutes of 13th July Meeting

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting Report 13th July, 2011

 Present:    Steve Watkin, Spencer Harradine, Shaun McDonald, Steve Hardy, Eve Evans, Derek Mark, Peter Nemestothy, Charlotte Craig, Stewart Curtis, Nev Medhurst, Steve Hann, Andrew Fergar, Mike Edgerton

1.       Apologies:  Charles Potter, Trevor Davies, Paula Godman, Paul Hardy

2.       Report from last meeting:   Approved

3.       Financial report:   Balance £779.81.  There is an outstanding invoice for the printing of leaflets for bike week for £350 plus payment for the two banners of £50.

4.       Post Mortems:

  • TFL Workplace Challenge – We had a Co-coordinator and Dr. Bike at three locations in June to promote the TFL Workplace challenge.  Capita in Beckenham, Oatlands in Anerley and Bromley Council where we worked in conjunction with Steve Healey and the Sustainable Transport Team.  New contacts made.  Suggested that Bromley Cyclists participate in this event next year.
  • Bike Week – Events took place on every day of bike week with great success.  Starting with a day in Bromley High Street promoting the events and finishing with the Go Ride Racing League event the following Saturday, which had attracted 80 participants throughout the year?
  • Bromley Festival of Sport – Successful day in Bromley promoting cycling, Bromley Cyclists and the LCC.  We were located in the High Street and Queens Gardens and again very useful contacts made.
  • Tour de Penge – This left from Cator Park this year and attracted 62 people.  Down on numbers from previous years which could be due to the change of the start locations and the fact that it was not widely advertised.
  • Meeting with Elaine Beadle – who is the Deputy Head of the Road Safety Division of Bromley Council, together with Steve Healey from the Sustainable Transport Team and Malcolm Harris, the Cycling Officer for Bromley.  Any infrastructure issues that we wish to pursue will be collated by Shaun McDonald.  We are now stakeholders in  the biking borough.

 5.       Rides & Events Planning:

  • Rides –  Although the number of riders increased to 172 in June this was boosted by the 62 rides on the Tour de Penge,  therefore our numbers were in fact reduced this month.   The Weekly Wednesday Wander seems to be the most popular at the moment and our new system of drawing the destinations for our Wednesday rides in advance seems to be working well.
  • Cycle for Life – Saturday and Sunday rides going well although we are struggling to find ride leaders each week.
  • Future Rides –  Although the Sunday rides have been successful the number of ride leaders coming forward for these has been disappointing.  It was suggested that after September we try a different format for our Sunday rides.  Simply arrange your ride and post it to the website, any distance, anywhere.  Probably best to stick to say three starting points, stations are always good as it will enable people from further afield to get to the start by train.  These can continue throughout the year.  The Saturday rides were only going to continue up to September and the Skyride.
  • Andrew Fergar has suggested that we do buddied rides to Canary Wharf to show people the best way of cycling into London.  Shaun McDonald and Spencer Harradine have also volunteered to do this to different London locations.  We will post something to this effect on the website to promote it.
  • Skyrides – There will be two feeder rides into London, one from Crystal Palace and one from Bromley South Station, meeting at Catford and going up as one ride. We will meet on two evenings prior to the event, the first in the Bromley area for some training for marshals with hopefully involvement from the local PCSO’s, the second evening we will ride the route.  Suggested times end of July and end of August.  Due to how busy we were last year it was suggested that this year there are two Dr. Bike’s at each starting point.
  • Wednesday Night Wanders – the draw has been made for destinations for the next three weeks.

 6.       Publicity  – Saturday 23rd July Steve Hann and his team will be outside Bromley Policy Station from 11am – 3pm for the Bike Marking event.  Steve is leading the Safer Transport Team in Bromley to get more bikes marked. Lots of bikes are recovered by the Police but cannot be returned to their owners as police have no details.  After a certain period of time these can be disposed of to charities. 

7.       Policy & Campaigning Group Report

  • Increasing our membership – Matthew from the LCC joined us in Bromley to promote bike week and show how easy it now is to sign up new members.
  • LCC website – this is still improving, but there are still a few things yet to do. Don’t forget to use the local group’s forums, which is also on our website.

 8.       Website update – Our new website is fantastic, if anyone wants rides posted and is unsure what to do, send your details to Steve Hardy or Eve Evans.

9.       Go Ride Report – Unfortunately the CCFL grant was turned down, Spencer is exploring other avenues for funding.  Lots of schools want to get involved next year in Go Ride.

10.   AOB

Sponsor Paula – Nev has given us sponsorship forms on Paula’s behalf so that we can help Paula to raise money to purchase specialist dive equipment in order to help her realize her dream to scuba dive.  Paula has been very ill over the past few year, but due to her determination and hard work has now regained her fitness and ability to dive.   Paula is going to ride 100 miles from Orpington to the Isle of Wight and is asking for sponsorship to raise £1,000.  Any money is excess of £1,000 will be donated to the Scuba Trust.

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