Minutes of April meeting

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting
14th April, 2014 – Minutes
8.pm – 10pm – Shortlands Tavern Function Room

Present: Spencer Harradine, James Gower, Eve Evans, John Wood, Alice Revell, Linda Rampling, Terry Kinnard, Tim Rowe

1. Apologies for absence – Alex Raha, Paul Hardy, Nemestothy, Tessa Folkes

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved JW

3. Financial Report – Current Balance £354.17 with £77 payment outstanding

4. Matters arising from last meeting
▪ Meetup – Andrew Fergar – deferred to next meeting

5. Rides & Events
▪ Ride Report – very successful March. Rides for the year are now on the website, but ideally we would like a ride every weekend. JW and EE requested more ride leaders please.
▪ Rides 2014 – these will be emailed out to potential ride leaders so that we can fill in the gaps.
▪ The Big Ride Event(London) May 17th – Confirmed and we will be leading a ride from Bromley South to join the Big event.
▪ The Big Event (Bromley Cyclists) May 18th – the original idea of 800 cyclists meeting up in Norman Park may not take place now and we may change our event to a hustings event and invite candidates as it was felt this might be more proactive
▪ Beckenham Green = 10th May – Yvonne Wright and Jane Hale will be helping Spencer with this.
▪ Bike Week – 14th =22nd June – discussion as to whether we were to hold an event or not
▪ LBB Cycle event – 21st June – Bromley Cyclists will be in attendance with a stand and led rides.
▪ West Wickham – 28th June – this will take place in WW High Street with the Council in attendance with Spencer organising a ride there to open the event.

6. Space for Cycling Campaign
▪ Campaign live – feedback – the campaign is progressing well. EE proposed that we buy the Space for Cycling handouts, SH seconded. JW to organise.
▪ Next Steps – circulate the Space for Cycling posters and organise our event.

7. Cudham Residents Association – Harmonisation of Cyclists and Residents – SH attended the AGM and updated us on the meeting. Concern from the residents regarding the amount of cyclists on their local roads at weekends.

8. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure
▪ Update John Wood – JW has been asked to do a bike stand survey for Beckenham, Michael Chambers assisting. Spencer asked if we could let him know anywhere that cycle parking is needed.

9. AOB – Spencer had a meeting with Councillor Smith and discussed the development of signage for cycling. Discussion followed and it was felt that it might be more beneficial to put in the safe routes first, followed by the improved signage.

Next meeting 12th May, 2014 – Shortlands Tavern

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