Minutes of August Meeting

Bromley Cyclists

Monthly Meeting Report 13th August, 2012

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Derek Mark, Stephen Hardy, Rob Peters, John Wood, Les Back, Sarah Foster, Melissa Cazzato, Nev Medhurst, Helena Callow, Stewart Curtis.

1. Apologies: Paula Godman, Peter Nemestothy, Linda Rampling, Paul Hardy.

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

3. Financial report: Financial Balance £913.37.

4. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

• Summer of Cycling Leaflet – the majority thought it was not now worth printing this leaflet, but maybe designing a more generic one for use on the website only. It was felt printing more cards would be more beneficial.

• Festival of Sport & Culture – although we did not use the original venue due to bad weather conditions leading up to the event, we did have a very successful, if not windy day, in Bromley High Street.

• Olympics – buddied rides to London – A small number took place.

• Holy Innocents School – Tour de Orpington. It was suggested that we have a number of rides on the same day starting at various points and all meeting up somewhere. Suggestions please as to where we should meet up.

• Bike Music – Derek has heard back from his Brighton contact and now has much more idea how this might be achieved.

 5. Rides & Events Planning

• Ride Report – 8 rides in June with 55 riders. This compares with 156 riders and 17 rides last year so number are down. We need more ride leaders to commit to rides, as currently this task falls on just a few.

• WWW venues for next month- suggested new format for this is that each regular Bromley Cyclist chooses a pub and this goes on a list. Each person will then have the choice of designing a route and leading the ride to their chosen pub. It is hoped this will encourage more ride leaders.

• Stewart’s Charity Ride – A separate sub meeting took place with just those who will be attending this event.

• Bromley Borough Skyride. – The first one has already taken place with around 30 riders in attendance.

• Event Shelter sign writing and flags for events – this will be arranged at sometime in the future.

6. Presentation by Sarah Foster MPS

• Sarah visited us to talk about the Safer Neighbourhoods initiative, the Employee Cycling Ride to Work Scheme, the METs involvement in The Cycle Challenge, Dr. Bikes and Bike Safety in the Community. Sarah also talked about the CO15 Traffic Cycling Team, together with Bike Marking and Cycle Registration and how seized bikes are reused in the community. Sarah will introduce Melissa and Helena (LBB)to some of her contacts who will be able to help in future projects.

7. Website Update

• Photoshoot – We now have all the pictures from Phil Shemmings to use on the website. The next website meeting will be at Spencer’s house on 3rd September.

8. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• There are some late summer cross events in South East London on a Wednesday evening, which we can support. Spencer reported that there is a lot more interest in the Go Ride Racing League.

9. AOB

• There will be an LCC Conference on 8th September, Spencer has asked for members to attend.

• Ride Pace – discussion followed on how we must ensure that we consider the slowest riders in the group when leading rides.

Next meeting The Liberal Club, Orpington 8.15pm – Monday, 10th September.

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