Minutes of Bromley Cyclists Meeting 11th March 2013

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting 11th March, 2013

The Liberal Club, Orpington

Present: John Wood, Ian Magrath, Stephen Hardy, Paul Hardy, Eve Evans, Glyn Aylsworth, Spencer Harradine, Tim Rowe, Melissa Cazzatto, Linda Rampling.

1. Apologies – Steve Watkin, Tim Souter, Derek Mark.

1a.Approval of Minutes of last meeting.

2. Financial Report – Current financial balance £385. Only expenditure last month was the monthly meeting cost of £20 and £200 for the ride leader training day.

3. Matters arising from last meeting

Cycle Bromley – Spencer Harradine, John Wood and Stephen Hardy met recently to discuss identity and branding. Phil Shemmings has been contacted with regard to the new website.

4. Events

Schools Cycling Competiton – Stephen Hardy will be sending out an update soon, not a lot happening at the moment.

• Cyclist of the Year. – As above

• Camping Trip – Good response, hopefully the weather will improve.

Mildenhall Rally – 24th -26th August. Good event with lots of family fun. Discussed.

• Orbital Cycling Festival July 26th-28th.

Sustrans are running a ‘bike to school’ week the week before Bike Week.

Bike Week – we must decide what we are going to do this year.

5. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

• The Bromley Plan – John Wood has put together an outline of The Bromley Plan, which has come about as a result of revised Local Planning Regulations; the ‘Local Plan’ replacing the ‘Unitary Development Plan’. Discussion followed and it has been decided to hold a separate meeting of the sub committee to discuss further the role Bromley Cyclists will play.

• Boris/TFL 930m – Spencer asked for everyone’s views on this and discussion followed as to how we might approach Bromley Council in respect of them making a successful bid for some funding as one of the outer Boroughs.

6. Sport, Leisure & Recreation

Rides Report – 9 rides in February with 81 people. The Wednesday Weekly Wanders continue to be the most popular and consistent.

Sunday monthly rides. Ride leaders and assistant ride leaders have been allocated. Stephen Hardy is finalizing the flyers.

Youth Velo Club. Continuing to be successful. Last week a visit to the Cyclopark.

Harris Hospicecare. Spencer, Stephen and Melissa have attended a meeting to discuss the routes and go through various points with regard to 14th July. There will be a pre ride day on 12th May.

Tour de Penge May 19th. Will start at Royston fields and Penge Cycle Club will probably run the event with Bromley Cyclists assisting with the marshalling. Langley Girls ride is also that day and they will ride to Royston Fields to join the Tour de Penge.

Historical Rides. Tim and Stephen arranged a meeting with the curator of the museum, which unfortunately she didn’t attend. Tim has rearranged a further meeting.

Sky Rides. Bromley has signed up to the Sky Ride again, running from April to September.

• Breeze Rides. One has gone out so far but poorly attended. The weather has not helped.

7. Go Ride/BGRRL

Bickley Park School is starting an after school club shortly. Bigfoot Go Ride will be starting up another group at Pickhurst School.

8. Website

• The website continues to do well. The registration form is working well and the new ‘bike tag’ is proving to be fun.

9. AOB

Local Groups Forum – Spencer proposed we attended this, maybe organize a ride up.

Monthly Policy Seminar – Set up by the LCC to help the LCC develop it’s future policy.

• Orpington Bid – Mel discussed.

• Spencer proposed that Linda Rampling be our new Social Secretary with the help of Steve Bunn.

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