Minutes of March meeting

Bromley Cyclists

Monthly Meeting Report 14th March, 2012

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steve Watkin, Derek Mark, Glyn Alsworth, Les Back, Stewart Curtis, Shaun McDonald.

1. Apologies: Tessa Folkes, Jonathan Burns, Paul Hardy Stephen Hardy, Nev Medhurst, Paula Godman.

2. Report from last meeting: Approved

3. Financial report: Balance £1,286.75.

4. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

• Quiz – March 10th. Very successful evening making a profit for the club of £740. Our thanks go to Steve Bunn for doing the quiz, Stephen for booking the Liberal Club hall for the evening and his generous donation of the booking fee, Eve for arranging the food, Bruce for printing the quiz sheets and tickets and the Liberal Club staff for their help.

• New Cards – Derek has now printed the new cards and these have been distributed amongst our members.

• Sport Relief Mile – 25th March, Norman Park. The LCC will send down a stand and Bromley Cyclists will have a stand alongside. The Sustainable Transport team will be participating, as will the Cycle Team. There will be bikes to try out, Go Ride Skills tests and a Dr. Bike.

• Sky Ride Leaders – There will be 10 local Sky Rides starting in May and 10 Sky Ride Leaders are required. Spencer asked that anyone wishing to do this course get the Application Forms back to Steve Heeley as soon as possible.

• Summer of Cycling leaflet – We will use the same style tri-fold leaflet as last year, which proved very successful and the template is already set up.

• Love London Go Dutch launch – Spencer attended this event held at the Design Museum. All about creating a better space and environment for cyclists and all road users. It is hoped that 20,000 will sign the petition before the Mayoral elections. Sign the petition and join the Big Ride.

• TFL Funding for schools, schools involved – quite a few schools now have the grant. Grays Farm School are doing particularly well.

• Personal Cycle Pathway – we need to follow this up at the next website meeting.

 5. Rides & Events Planning

• Ride Report – 10 rides in February with 62 people. The new Velo Club is going well.

• WWW venues for next month- chosen and will appear on website.

• Future Rides – This was discussed at the website meeting and a lot of rides have been put on the website for the summer.

• Rider Leaders – Spencer asked that all ride leaders post one or two rides on the website, which will mean that we have rides every week.

• Community Park Events – This will comprise of Sport Relief Mile, Tour de Penge, Bromley Festival of Sport and possible two others.

• Bike Week 2012 – Please can everyone come up with ideas of what we want to do and this will be discussed at the next meeting.

• Tour de Penge -13th May. Jonathan is working with the Penge Festival Committee to start this at Royston Fields, go through Penge High Street, on to Cator Park where we will break into smaller groups for the rest of the ride. It is hoped to have the help of the Police and St. John’s Ambulance and to have acquired our music bike in time for this event.

• Grays Farm School – 23rd March – the whole week will be focused on Sport Relief. Les Back has asked Bromley Cyclists for help with a short ride to encourage Mums & Dads to cycle with their children and give tips on how they can help their children on the roads. Steve, Nev, Eve to help, a few more needed please.

• The Big Ride – There will be two feeder rides, the route will be confirmed at a later date.

6. Policy & Campaigning Group Report

• Westmoreland Development – Spencer has a copy of the Sustainable Transport plan for this development. There will be a cutting down of car parking spaces within the development.

7. Website Update

• As well as the items discussed under Rides & Event planning we have altered the Members button to Join to try to get more people to sign up to the LCC. We plan to do a photo shoot in Bromley, with the help of Phil Shemmings, to get pictures of people cycling, sitting in cafes etc. in Bromley to put on the website. The cycle to work scheme will be put on the website, and Shaun is to sort out the Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo buttons on the front page.

8. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• Big Foot Go Ride recently spent the afternoon at the Herne Hill Veledrome on the mountain bike course. A very successful and enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Saturday 17th March Go Ride have an event at Crystal Palace Park.

9. AOB

• Bike Marking may no longer be carried out by the Police. The Cycle Team are having a bike marking training session in their offices. It would be a good idea for a couple of people from Bromley Cyclists to go along to this.

• Printing from the website – Les has had difficulty with this, Shaun to look into.

• Stuart’s Charity Ride – following the success of this event last year, plans are already underway for a similar event this year. Raising money for the Aspinall Foundation, it is intended to cycle to various different zoos over a three day period. Full details to be put on the website.

• Change of venue and day for monthly meetings – it has been suggested that we changed our monthly meetings to a Monday so as not to have to give up one Wednesday Wander each month. This was voted in favour, so as from April our monthly meetings will be held on a Monday evening at The Liberal Club, 7 Station Road, Orpington and the time has been changed to 8.00pm.

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