Minutes of May Meeting

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting
12th May, 2014 – Minutes
8.pm – 10pm – Shortlands Tavern Function Room

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve, Evans, Tessa Folkes, John Wood, Duncan Peterkin, Derek Mark, Linda Rampling, Steve Watkin.

1. Apologies for absence -Terry Kinnaird, Melissa Cazzato, Peter Nemestothy, Steve Bunn, Andrew Fergar,Paul Hardy, Stephen Hardy, Richard Gibbons, Alex Raha.

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Proposed by Linda Rampling and seconded by Spencer – Minutes were approved.

3. Financial Report – No change in the financial position since last month. We are aware of 2 outstanding invoices viz. 1. Space for cycling flyers and other resources and 2. Banner – About £120

4. Matters arising from last meeting – Andrew Fergar was not present to report on the Bromley Cyclists Group on the Meetup website and this item was deferred. (Suggestion: If Andrew is routinely going to be unavailable for our monthly meeting then a short written update for the group would be useful).

5. Rides & Events
▪ Ride Report – JW/EE reported rides up on previous years so far with 10 rides out in April New 60 mile ride tested and to be put on website.
▪ Rides 2014 – all rides now on website. New 60 mile ride tested and to be put on website. Derek and Peter have been working on their Murder Ride and DM gave us info to be put on website. EE to action.
▪ The Big Ride May 17th – will be leaving Bromley South 9.00am. EE to send out invites to cyclists on our database.
▪ The Big Event (Bromley Cyclists) May 18th – invite candidates EE to do, invite cyclists from BC database, EE to do. . EE/JW to attend Tuesday evening to check out route with Penge Cyclists.
▪ Beckenham Green = 10th May – Extremely successful event and Spencer thanked everybody who help on Saturday. Discussed having some sort of display at future events. Need some more Bromley starter packs.
▪ Park Run/Cycle – 24th May – Lindsey Bryan will be there to talk to people about cycling, if any Bromley Cyclists can attend they will be welcome.
▪ Bike Week – 14th =22nd June LBB Cycle event – 21st June – Bromley Cyclists with have a stand. Helpers needed.
▪ West Wickham – 28th June – LBB Cycling Event, Bromley Cyclists with have a stand. Helpers needed.
▪ Beckenham Green July – Mary Poppins theme, several ideas were discussed.
▪ Led Rides Programme – starts 21st May in Norman Park and will be on 2nd and 3rd Wednesday in the month. Training from 3.30 to 4.30 and ride from 4.30 to 5.30. Ride leaders selected.

6. Space for Cycling Campaign
▪ Campaign live – EE reported, so far over 32,000 emails have been sent to candidates with 5,381 people taking action and 2,175 candidates supporting.

 7. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure
▪ Update John Wood – JW has a copy of the Beckenham Town Centre concept plan, which was used to bid for the 3.2m. JW then told us what the proposals were. Consideration has been given to closing Beckenham High Street to through traffic. Trying to encourage displacing the traffic from the High Street to Rectory Road. Discussion following.
▪ Bromley Cyclists have been asked to look at bike stands and JW showed us the results of the survey.

8. AOB Derek Mark has attended a Ride Leader course.
Next meeting 9th June, 2014 – Shortlands Tavern

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