Monthly Meeting – April 2013 Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting 8th April, 2013

The Liberal Club, Orpington

Present: Glyn Aylesworth, Stephen Hardy, Paul Hardy, Melissa Cazzatto, Steve Watkin, Linda Rampling, John Wood, Tim Rowe, Eve Evans, Spencer Harradine, Derek Mark, Les Back.

1. Apologies were received from Peter Nemestothy.

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting by Stephen Hardy

3. Financial Report current financial balance £365. Paul Hardy informed us that the grant is to be sent from the LCC, the annual accounts are due to be sent in and Gerhard will be leaving the LCC.

3. Matters arising from last meeting

• LCC Policy Forum – John Wood attended the recent meeting. Included in the Agenda was the forthcoming Policy Forum Seminar, the matrix tool (see under Mini Holland), discussion regarding the next years local elections, London Assembly. John also managed to speak to Charlie Lloyd regarding Mini Hollands.

• Monthly Policy Seminar – There is a Policy Forum Seminar on 8 April 2013 at Westminster University. Andrew Gilligan, London’s Cycling Commissioner will be speaking on the next steps for cycling policy in London, while Danny Williams (Cyclists in the City blog, LCC City of London) will be introducing the event and chairing. This month this clashed with our monthly meeting.

• Social Secretary – a slight misunderstanding over this position, it is still available if anyone is interested.

4. Events

• Schools Cycling Competiton – 6th June, no further update

• Cyclist of the Year – 22nd June, it was thought originally this event was in September, Spencer to follow up. Other cycling groups required to participate and possibly Bromley Cyclists involvement will include a led family ride.

• Camping Trip new date suggested was weekend of 14th June.

• Mildenhall Rally – Spencer will be going to this event in August should anyone else wish to go.

5. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

• The Bromley Plan – a small group of us met recently to discuss how we were to respond to the online questionnaire on the LBB website. We discussed the various points and noted any additions or alterations we would like considered. John now asks that everyone registers and completes the online questionnaire in line with our amendments and additions. John has also drafted a letter to the Council which he read out and will be sent on behalf of Bromley Cyclists.

6. Sport, Leisure & Recreation

• Rides Report from Steve Watkin. 11 rides this month with 70 riders. Discussion then followed about the forthcoming Richmond ride and last Sunday’s impromptu ride to London.

• Sunday monthly rides – a good start last month on a freezing cold day, it is felt the figures will be up at the end of April as the weather improved. The leaflets we designed to give out at these events are ready to go.

• Youth Velo Club. – Spencer undated us. A couple of velo club rides have been out this month, last Saturday they visited the cycle park at Gravesend for some power training.

• Harris Hospicecare – another meeting on the 25th, Spencer informed us Simon Pitt is leaving, but will be around to help with the final arrangements for the ride. There will be a pre ride on 12th May from Goddington Park, lots of help needed.

• Tour de Penge 19th May – hopefully Penge Cycle Club will take charge of the organization of this event with Bromley Cyclists supporting it. Same day as the Langley Park ride, we discussed how they might be able to join the ride, bearing in mind they have cycle marking arranged for 9am at Langley Park.

• Historical Rides – Tim Rowe has several ideas with regard to the rides and will lead some of the rides. Others will be required to lead rides too.

• BBC Activity Maker – John Wood has submitted our Wednesday Night Wanders onto this site and approval is awaited. If successful we can put the last Sunday of the month rides on also.

• Curry Night – suggested we ask Tessa to arrange another one at Brick Lane on 5th Friday in May as we aren’t doing the Friday 13th rides to London this year.

7. Go Ride/BGRRL

• Spencer reported that Bigfoot Go Ride is proposing to open club at Pickhurst School in September and they now have 100 children between the two clubs.

• There is a new after school club starting at Bickley Park School.

8. Website

• Discussion followed and a few suggestions were made as to how we might improve the look of the front page and the forum page. Stephen Hardy said this was not possible at the moment because of the way WordPress is designed, but will make enquiries to see if there is anyway this might be modified to work differently.

9. AOB

• Mini Holland – Mayor will comment on what areas will be Mini Hollands and this will be completed by 2014. If Bromley were chosen we need to be prepared for our response. Discussion followed. A matrix tool has been developed to enable assessment of whether any project meets the ‘Love London Go Dutch principles. It is not yet ready for final roll out, Rachel Aldred who is the lead person on the matrix tool has to make one or two tweaks and write up some instructions and it then has to be approved by the LCC board; probably in June.

• WWW Venues – these were chosen at the meeting and are now on the website.

• LCC Awards – these are not going to be at the AGM this year but will be a much grander event, let Spencer know if we have any thoughts on that.

• Spencer thanked everyone for what they have done this month with a special thanks to John Wood for all the work he has done in attending the meeting, sorting out the BBC Activity website and drafting the letter to the Council on our behalf.

Next meeting Monday 13th May, 2013 – The Liberal Club, Orpington

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