Monthly Meeting – October Minutes

Minutes 8th October, 2012 – 8.15pm The Liberal Club, Orpington.

Present: John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Derek Mark, Stephen Hardy, Melissa Cazatto, Nev Medhurst, Eve Evans, Linda Rampling.

1. Apologies – Steve Watkin

2. Approval of report of last meeting – Approved

3. Financial report: Current financial balance £721.

4. Matters Arising from last meeting

• Cycling Community Centre – Norman Park-Spencer has had a meeting with Martin Hussey re Cycle Bromley and ideas floated. There is also a meeting planned with Craig Potter of Bromley College to see what interest they have. It is intended through Pro Active Bromley to promote a sports hub long term to involve various sporting activities including BMX.

• Xmas Festivities – the Xmas party is booked for 15th December at The Liberal Club. Spencer asked for ideas. i.e. Christmas Quiz, type of food required, possible fancy dress.

• TLF A21 – Spencer Harradine , Chris Jones, John Wood and Shaun McDonald met recently with Jonathan Frey from Transport for London to discuss two parts of the A21 and ways in which these might be improved with regard to cycling.

• Ride Leader Training – Spencer suggested that maybe we should hold another Ride Leader Training Day, possibly shared with Jonathan Burns to get more people trained. Suggested date January/February.

• Two Way Cycling – The Council have asked for ideas for one way streets which could be made two way for cyclists.

• Schools ride October 6th – There were 38 people for this ride which left Holy Innocents School and cycled around the back streets of Orpington to the Priory Gardens, where they enjoyed an afternoon of skills tests with Jason Cattermole from British Cycling. Bromley Council were represented, together with two Dr. Bikes.

• Harris Hospicecare Event 2013 – Spencer has spoken again to Simon Pitts and they are working with Bigfoot to develop a sportive. Maybe get the schools to embrace it as well.

5. Rides & Event Planning

• Rides Report – 186 riders on 14 rides in September. Discussion followed with regard to the rides.

• WWW Venues – New system is working well with various ride leaders choosing the venue and leading the rides. More venues need for the coming month please.

• Future Rides Planning – Discussion followed, another meeting needed to plan future rides.

• Velo Club – Kids Velo Club rides – There are several dates in the diary for these rides which will act as training rides for the older children, probably of around 2 hours duration and will also involve parents and Bromley Cyclists who would like to join in to help supervise the children.

6. Policy & Campaigning Report

• Cycle Bromley – Spencer has had a meeting with Martin Hussey with the idea of putting together an organization which deals with all things related to cycling within the Borough.

7. Recent Go Ride Meeting

• At a recent meeting of the Website Group we changed some of the page layouts, added the photos kindly supplied by Phil Shemmings. Also added a Competitions page and updated the About Us page.

8. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

• The Bigfoot group have moved to Hayes Primary School. The BGRRL had it’s first round at Crystal Palace where there were 76 children racing aged between 5-15. This include a hill climb and circuit race.

9. AOB

• Business Card Distribution List – A list has been drawn up of local cycle shops and John Wood has ordered some holders so that we can leave some of the Bromley Cyclists business cards on the premises. People were allocated shops to approach with our cards and maintain the supplies.

• Oakley Road Junction – Shaun McDonald is monitoring this.

• Ride Feature for LCC magazine – Spencer asked for someone to do this and John Wood has volunteered.

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