November 2015 Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting
Bromley Civic Centre
12th November, 2015

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Linda Rampling, John Wood, Tracey Parker, Derek Mark, Richard Gibbons, Tim Wild

1. Apologies: Terry Kinnard
2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Proposed Linda Rampling, Seconded John Wood. Approved.
3. Matters Arising
Cycle Mania – SH has spoken to Lollipop Events and given feedback regarding the layout of the event this year. They have taken our comments on board. They have also contacted St. Christopher’s regarding the event next year.
LCC Renewals – EE has contacted the LCC with the suggestion that the facility to renew membership is easier to find on the LCC website. There have been no changes at present, EE to pursue further. Action EE

Targets update (Membership, Monthly Meetings, Asks)
Membership – It was felt that contacting existing members one month before their membership expired was a good idea. SH suggested that this needs to be brought up at the Borough Coordinators forum as well as JW and EE meeting with Matthew at the LCC to discuss further. Action SH/JW
Distribution of copies of the Magazine Insert at stations in the borough was discussed. DM thought that the Insert could be copied at about 8p per sheet assuming 1000 off. The idea of distributing business cards outside Bromley South on Wednesday before we set off on the wander was also touched on. This is something we will need to take a bit further at another meeting. Action: raise again on matters arising.

Both LR and DM commented that they have yet to receive their membership cards since renewing their membership one month and two months ago respectively. EE to contact LCC.

Monthly Meetings – SH has identified four potential venues for us to hold our quarterly meeting in 2016 to ensure we have meetings which are easily accessible to members through the borough. They will be in Green Street Green, Penge and Bromley. Cost and availability to be investigated. Action SH. Once hall hire, refreshment and equipment costs have been sourced this can be passed to our Treasurer for budgeting, before agreeing at the next meeting.
Having a speaker at each of the quarterly meetings might attract more people to those meetings and it was agreed that a projector and screen would be a necessary facility if this were to happen. Both SH and DM said they could arrange this. Action SH/DM
Discussion followed as to whether we should move to a Monday evening which would be more convenient to several regular attendees, the timing of said meetings were also discussed, as a later start date might be more suitable for those working.

Asks – JW suggested that we need to follow up on the ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign ‘Asks’ to see exactly what, if anything, Bromley Council have either done or agreed to do in respect of this. SH replied that this would all become apparent at the Scrutiny Committee meeting scheduled for later this month. JW felt we should write anyway to ensure we get a response in writing and depending on what response we received, this could then form the basis of any questions we may wish to bring to that meeting. Discussion followed and due to Wednesday 18th November being the final date for questions to be received for the Scrutiny Committee meeting this needed to be acted upon as a matter of urgency. JW to send initial letter to Caroline Dubarbier making this enquiry. Letters then need to be prepared to put before the meeting. Action JW. We will then need to meet to discuss which of the Asks we would like pursued.

4. Financial Report – Treasurer – LR reported the current financial balance of £880.45 which no income or expenditure this month.

5. Co-ordinators Report – Appx. I
6. Ride Report – Appx. II
Charging for future rides
Due to increasing numbers of people on our more popular rides we have now decided to give priority to LCC members. It is hoped that this might boost the membership.
It was also suggested that we might make a small charge to non-members. This needs to be investigated to ensure there are no insurance implications, as well as checking with the LCC to see if this is allowed. Action JW.
JW and EE have put together a programme of rides for 2016, which will roughly mirror what we did this year, but we will discuss at the next meeting rides we can put on to encourage new cyclists and any other ways in which we might achieve this. More ride leaders will be needed if this is to be successful.

7. Magazine Insert content & e-newsletter layout
JW showed us the magazine insert for the next issue of the LCC magazine and asked if anyone had any snippets for the back page. One or two liners only.
JW has worked hard on preparing the first newsletter for emailing to members in the New Year. This was shown and discussed and there are now just a few minor alterations before this is ready. It was agreed that a maximum of four items would be sufficient to retain reader’s interest.

8. To approve Bromley constitutions
Due to the LCC deciding that all Borough Groups constitutions broadly follow the same format, JW has examined the template and made some alterations. This has been seen by members present at the meeting and there are minor changes to be made. The Constitution was approved subject to said changes being made. Once those changes are made it will again be sent to those present for final checking. Once approved it was agreed this should be sent to the membership via Yahoo Groups. Action JW.
There was further discussion about how we would adopt a Management Committee at the AGM. The various roles will be discussed at the December meeting.

9. Communications – Appx. III
 Skyride Social Group discussed and it was agreed the old information be removed. Action RG.

10. Pub of the month – This month The Oak, Bromley

11. A.O.B.
SH informed us of the Community Links AGM should anyone from Bromley Cyclists wish to attend.
SH informed us the date for the Road to Rio event has now moved to May 14th.

Next meeting December 10th.

Appx. I

Bromley Cyclists
Coordinators report October 2015

‘Road to Rio’
Eve and I have attended another pro active and I attended a Sport Bromley meeting regarding the ‘Road to Rio’ event which is scheduled for the 21st May at Norman Park.
The event will have four dimensions.
1) Cyclist of the year
2) Biking Buzz
3) Sport Bromley ‘Sport Village’
4) Ride to Rio
Bromley Cyclists involvement will be to help organise the ‘Ride to Rio’ encouraging all participants young or old – new or experienced to ride the 5776 miles to Rio.
This is a fabulous opportunity to promote cycling in Bromley both before – during and after through a spring, summer and Autumn initiative including beginner and family rides as well as our normal programme of events.

‘LCC Conference’
A number of the committee attended the LCC annual conference and contributed during and following the conference with thoughts and ideas on how the AGM and the business of motions can be improved.

‘Policy Forum’
As outer London borough representative I attended my final Policy Forum meeting and hope that I may once again be proposed and elected to serve for another year.

‘Bromley Cyclists Meetings 2016’
Following the decision to reorganise the programme of meetings for 2016 I have identified the following venues for the borough outreach meetings
1) Greenwood Centre – Green St Green
2) Penge Community Centre.
3) Bromley United Reformed Church Hall.

‘Borough Cycling Strategy’
Tuesday 24th November is the date for ratification of the Borough Cycling Strategy and I hope to see many of you there to support our position regarding the strategy.

Rides: Appx. II
October Rides
Date Day Ride Mileage Riders Leader
03 Oct Sat Camping 45 7 Eve
04 Oct Sun Camping 35 6 John/Eve
07 Oct Wed The Oak, Bromley 10 10 Eve
11 Oct Sun Olympic Park Ride 41 23 John/Linda
14 Oct Wed The Bridge House, Penge 10 6 Linda
21 Oct Wed Change of Horses, Farnboro’ 12 8 Linda
25 Oct Sun Daylight Saving Ride 30 22 Spencer/Eve
28 Oct Wed The Railway, Bromley 10 11 John
31 Oct Sat Halloween Ride 35 6 John

Oct Sep Aug
Rides 5 4 5
Individual Rides (excl WWW) 64 87 146
Wednesday Wanderers 35 27 34
Wednesday Wanders 4 4 4
Website Registrations N/K 9 11
Non Bromley Cyclists’ rides 0 0 1
Non Bromley Cyclists’ Individual Rides 0 69 106
Ride Reports on the website N/K 5 9

Day Rides Riders Average
Mon 0
Tue 0
Wed 4 35 6.5
Thu 0 0
Fri 0 0
Sat 2 38 19
Sun 2 49 24.5
Leader board:
Leaders Rides
Spencer 1
Eve 4
Linda 3
John 4
A good month of rides offering plenty of variety. In response to the selection of goals / targets for our group last month, ride leaders are beginning to promote membership of the LCC to riders as they join our rides. Until we get some statistics from the centre it is difficult to see the impact of this; in truth I suspect we will not see any outcome until this time next year. It is suggested that we should make a small charge to non-LCC members joining our rides and I feel that this is an idea with merit. (See separate agenda item.)
A special thank you to Linda who has had to lead the WWW twice this month without notice when other ride leaders have been unavailable.
Although the camping trip was invitation only I have included the rides in the report as everyone on the trip was a Bromley Cyclist.
The Halloween Ride was good but not very well attended and I suspect it suffered from a lack of publicity; it maybe that folk have better things to do on a Saturday evening.
The Daylight Saving Ride was popular and attracted a good mix of riders, the weather was perfect and the route was interesting and offered variety. This is a ride in the bank for the future; it is probably an autumn but not a spring ride.
The Olympic Park Ride was also popular, another ride with plenty of variety. The route from the Park back to the cable car was dreadful and needs some further research which I shall try to do during the winter.
There is no doubt that our riders want an interest or theme to their rides. Anyone with ideas please let me know. I am happy to help you design the ride or to do it for you.
Future Rides
East London Rides
The Olympic Park ride easily adjusts to become a View Tube Ride and could probably also be a shopping trip ride to visit the Westfield Shopping Centre if anyone feels this would be of interest (might be OK around Xmas time). Whilst on this ride we had our attention drawn to Tump 53 in Thamesmead. This an old ammunition magazine which has been converted to a more peaceful nature reserve. Tump 53 will obviously be the subject of a future ride. The Crossness Pumping Station Loop ride is a cut down shorter version of this ride.
Rainham Marshes RSPB Reserve
I have researched this ride and done the explorer which included the Dartford Crossing. The route to the A2 is pleasant but from here to the crossing it is mostly nasty except for a couple of places where it is appalling. The crossing is interesting. The chap that took me across confirmed that they can take groups of riders over, but it needs pre-booking. The route on the north side to the reserve is pleasant and there is a nice visitor centre there for a lunch stop. A lot of the route back was alongside the A13 on segregated cycle paths. Not brilliant but safe and acceptable. Cable car back to south London and Waterlink Way home. c.50 mls. We probably need to consult the RSPB as to the best time to visit this attraction to see some interesting wildlife.
Viking Trail
We are going to try and fit in this ride on 28 November. It’s a Saturday, unfortunately the trains don’t connect on a Sunday so we have few options.
Xmas Lights
Tessa led this ride last year and it was lovely. I am going contact Tessa and see if she could meet us in London and lead us again. Otherwise I shall lead. It’s a Sunday evening ride so again a bit different.
Winter WWWs

0 9/12/15 The Chelsfield, Orpington
23/12/15 Bricklayers Arms, Bromley
30/12/15 The Anglesey Arms, Bromley
06/01/16 The Railway, Bromley
13/01/16 The George, Beckenham
20/01/16 The Ramblers Rest, Chislehurst
27/01/16 The Sylvan Post, Forest Hill
03/02/16 The Crown, Lee
10/02/16 The Bridge House, Penge
17/02/16 The Wheatsheaf, W Wickham
24/02/16 Queens Head, Chislehurst

I have tried to ensure that during mid-winter the Wanders finish in the centre of the borough to ensure that riders don’t have excessive journeys home.
I am going to add the Nun’s Head at Nunhead to the list of pubs instead of the Ivy House where we were deafened by loud music the other evening. We visited Nun’s Head on the Halloween Ride and it’s our sort of pub.
There is a micro pub in Petts Wood (One Inn The Wood) which is recommended for a future summer wander (very popular, but little space to sit inside) and another in Crystal Palace (Beer Rebellion, I believe) also for the summer.
Friday Night Ride to see the Sunrise
I decided against leading this ride at this time of year but I would like to do it in the summer ahead of the Dunwich Dynamo as a sort of training ride. I think the Friday night factor will be different and add interest.

Communications Report Appx. III

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