November Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting

11th November, 2013 – Minutes

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Paul Hardy, Stephen Hardy, Steve Watkin, Lindsay Brian, Melissa Cazatto, Rebecca Jones, Duncan Peterkin, Tim Rowe, Derek Mark, John Wood, Alex Raha, Emma Taylor.

1.            Apologies:  Glyn Aylsworth, Jonathan Burns

2.            Approval of Minutes of last meeting  – Approved. Alteration to point 6 in October Minutes – Six Asks should read LCC and not Bromley Council, duly amended.

3.            Financial Report: Current financial balance £428.04, the only expenditure this month being £20 meeting costs.

4.            Matters arising from last meeting

  • Bike Polo – The October Minutes mentioned that Spencer had co-ordinated with Bromley Council to provide training.  This took place on Saturday 2nd November and was attended and participated in by John Wood from Bromley Cyclists.  John reported that he thought it would be a good idea if we could get this into the schools and get some polo teams competing by this time next year.  Melissa Cazatto confirmed the Council had some bike polo kits.
  • Planning and regeneration group is meeting again on 18th November. There has been a lot of email traffic regarding Beckenham Junction and HGV traffic in Beckenham High Street.   The group can work on a coherent response in respect of such things as the LIP.
  • Publicity Officer – Spencer felt that a Publicity Officer would be beneficial to the group, it was suggested that this might be Spencer.
  • Local Cycling Hero – Spencer reported on his day in Manchester at the UCI World Cup event, which was his prize for winning the Local Cycling Hero.

5.            Sustrans – Rebecca Jones

Spencer introduced Rebecca and gave us an overview into Sustrans.  Rebecca explained how it was started in the 70’s with the Bristol to Bath cycle path and how it has expanded since, now employing 500 people.  Sustrans started off building cycle paths and now has developed a National Cycle Network.  Rebecca went on to talk about DIY streets in areas such as Peckham, Barking and Enfield and how Active Travel Officers work with the community.

Rebecca went on to tell us about Bike IT programme(working with schools to get more people cycling and walking) and Connect 2, a project to create new bridges and crossings to overcome busy roads, linking paths to networks of walking and cycling routes, making it easier for people to walk and cycle.  This project won £50 million from the Lottery Fund.  If any of these routes were coming through Bromley then Bromley Cyclists would be consulted as Stakeholders.

Spencer went on to ask Rebecca how we might get some grass roots involvement with Sustrans in Bromley and discussion then followed regarding the Sustrans Rangers.  Questions followed.

It was suggested that Bromley Cyclists might ‘adopt’ a Sustrans cycle route and act in the capacity of route ‘ranger’.

6.            Events

▪   LCC Conference and AGM 19th October John Wood attended and reported back as follows:

7 out of 8 resolutions were passed, 1 & 2 related to the accounts, 3 called for protected space for cycling, 4 was the commitment to a ward level campaign in the 2014 local elections, 5 was a call for uniformity of cycling provision (one size fits all from the racer to the commuter to the child on his / her first ride), 6 was a commitment to a recruitment campaign in 2014, motion 7 was not approved, and motion 8 called for the greater recognition of local campaigners in the Annual Cycling Awards  John showed us an interesting Matrix which is on the LCC website which lays out what we actually want.  We discussed the 6 asks john explained that the intention was for each ward to select one of the asks and approach all the candidates and ask them to support it and then publish the results in much the same way had been done with the Love London Go Dutch Campaign in the 2011 Mayoral Election.  discussion followed.

▪   Christmas Festivities – Stephen has confirmed that the Shortlands Tavern function room is booked for December 18th for the Christmas festivities, prices to follow.

▪   Space for Cycling Ward Based Campaign 2014 – Spencer asked for people interested in helping to coordinate the campaign.  We will need to identify which ‘asks’ would relate to each ward and contact the 2014 candidates.  It was felt a group of around 8 people would be ideal.

7.            Travel, Transport & Infrastructure


  • TCT Member – John Wood has made good headway with the people of Beckenham working mainly with the group Beckenham Town Centre Team and it has been suggested that John goes onto the Committee. The members agreed that John Wood should be nominated to be the Bromley Cyclists representative in the Beckenham TCT. Bromley Cyclists Secretary to contact the TCT and nominate John.

8.            Sport. Leisure & Recreation

Rides Report – Steve Watkin reported that there were 9 rides in October with 79 rides.

  • It was suggested that we maybe do a Waterlink Way ride to pick up the LSotM Riders and develop some rides for them. There was discussion whether Cator Park was a suitable meeting point and it was decided that Norman Park was the better location.
  • Steve Watkin had proposed an explorer ride on 15/12/2013. Start at Waterloo – Westbound along the the south side of the Thames and then back along the North side. John to post on website.
  • Derek Mark is to organise a ride based around the South London Murders.
  • Tim has an author’s ride nearly ready for some time in the spring.

9.            AOB.  

  • Steve Watkin has asked that we allocate the meeting time more evenly, giving more time to the planning of rides and other events and reducing the political aspects of the meeting considerably.  Discussion followed.
  • Tim Rowe suggested that the Chairing of the meetings might change, giving others the opportunity of Chairing the meetings should they so wish.
  • Wednesday Weekly Wander – Discussion took place regarding the length and pace of this weekly ride.  Steve Watkin pointed out that we have had many people who had attended just once and we had not seen them since.  It was felt that the WWW should be kept as a moderately paced ride and if we do have an obvious fast and slow group, then perhaps sometimes we could split into two rides. 
  • Spencer spoke regarding Bigfoot Youth and suggested that bike polo might be a suitable activity for them

 Next meeting Monday 9th December, 2013 The Liberal Club, Orpington.

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