October Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting

13th October, 2014 – Minutes

8.pm – 44 Derwent Drive, Petts Wood.

Present: Spencer Harradine, Eve Evans, Steven Watkin, Linda Rampling, John Wood, Derek Mark, Peter Nemestothy, Lindsey Bryan, Alex Raha, Richard Gibbons, Michael Chambers        

  1. Apologies: Tessa Marie, Tim Rowe, Francis Bernstein, Rory McMullen
  2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved
  3. Financial Report – No transactions this month. Balance stands at £429.04.
  4. Matters arising from last meeting – None
  5. Orpington Cycle Mania –Spencer thanked those who manned our stand in Orpington High Street for this event which was a great success and created a lot of interest. Discussion followed on how this could be improved for next year.
  6. LCC AGM report – Spencer Harradine, Shaun McDonald, John Wood, Richard Gibbon, Tim Wild and Alex Raha attended. Discussed how resolutions could be better handed. Food was excellent. Eve Evans won award for best ride leader.
  1. Rides & Events
  • September ride report – www’s continue to be successful. New explorer ride Ashford loop, 15 on The Heron Trail ride and 12 on the Otford circular ride. EE suggested Cycle Sunday with something different taking place on each Sunday of the month in 2016 from May to September. i.e. 1st Sunday, Bromley Cyclists led rides; 2nd Sunday – LBB Bikeability; 3rd Sunday – LBB Smoothie Maker etc; 4th Sunday Go Ride promotion; together with Dr Bike and bike marking where available.
  • Light up Orpington – 4pm-7pm 20th November, Bromley Cyclists will have a stand.
  • Curry Night – EE to book restaurant for 7th November, Bromley area.

8. Orpington Cycle Pathway – SH reported that he had discussions with council officers to establish that there is a cradle to grave pathway for cyclists in the borough

 9.Cycle Strategy – Steve Heeley and Caroline Dubarbier are busy putting this together. What do Bromley Cyclists want in the strategy which will come to us from Consultation. This needs to be completed by middle of January. Suggested. 1) HGV; 2) LCDS; 3) fix my street; 4) space 4 Cycling; 5) cycling 2 schools; 6) cycling in Parks; 7) policy on shared use; 8) cycle crime; 9) integrate into modal shift; 10) maintenance of cycle infrastructure; 11) cleaning of existing signs; 12) gritting of cycle lanes; 13) Accessible bike maintenance;14) lighting cycle routes in parks; 15) Riding on pavements; 16) Cycle Recycle

 10.Cycle Bromley – Stakeholder meetings suggested three times a year, January, May and September. SH has met with Caroline Piper/Public Health and reported Everybody Active Everyday.

 11.Ward/Health Champions – SH discussed how we could be more proactive with our Wards. Following on from the Space for Cycling Campaign could we have Health Champions and help to promote activity with each area

12. Cycle to Rail – SH discussion followed about how we could get more people to do at least short journeys. i.e cycle to the station at least a couple of times a week, how we could increase numbers, would there be sufficient cycle parking.Spencer thanks those who manned our stand in Orpington High Street for this event, which was a great success and created a lot of interest. Discussion followed on how this could be improved for next year.

 13. Travel & Infrastructure – discussed filtering of planning applications.


  • Cycling Works – AH discussed how there are now a large number of prominent employers supporting super highways, brought about by employees contacting them.
  • Cycle Recycle – SW/LB told us about their scheme/business.
  • Tfl Consultation for Oakley Road – Should we support it. Although this doesn’t meet the London Go Dutch policy it was felt that we should support it as it will improve the junction generally.   However, it won’t really help cyclists because it is still going to be just as dangerous for cyclists to position themselves on the road to turn right into Oakley Road coming from Bromley.
  • SH mentioned his intention to review the current structure of Bromley Cyclists and asked everyone to have a think about what improvements might be made and bring any ideas to the next meeting
  • There are two public health events, 14th October and 9th SW, LB, EE, LR to attend the latter.

Next meeting 10th November – venue tbc


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