October Minutes

Bromley Cyclists – Monthly Meeting

14th October, 2013 – Minutes

Present: Spencer Harradine, Derek Mark, Stephen Hardy, Paul Hardy, Melissa Cazatto, John Wood, Steve Watkin, Adam Shepherd, Alex Raha.

1. Apologies: Eve Evans, Glynn Alsworth, Lyndsay Bryan, Tim Rowe

2. Approval of Minutes of last meeting – Approved John Wood

3. Financial Report – current financial balance £448.04, credit received from LCC Membership of £261.50 and Prudential Ride London £160.00

4. Matters arising from last meeting

▪ Bike Polo – Spencer Harradine has been coordinating with Bromley Council (Nathan) to provide & deliver training to Children’s clubs and other Organisations.

▪ Christmas festivities – Stephen Hardy / Mel Cazatto awaiting confirmation from venue regarding Christmas – details to follow.

5. Events

▪ LCC Conference and AGM 19th October – Please can we have as many Bromley Cyclists as possible attending? Information contained in the latest LCC magazine which has just gone out.

 6. Travel, Transport & Infrastructure

▪ Planning and regeneration group

Glynn Allsworth , Eve  Planning and Evans, Stewart Davies, John Wood, Howard Spencer & Spencer Harradine met 3 weeks ago to discuss various planning application across the borough, it was decided that the majority of new plans are confirmed before we are aware and earlier involvement is required to ensure the views of Bromley Cyclists are taken in to consideration. The main talking point was the Beckenham Junction Review and it was decided that the stakeholder group should provide input. The next group meeting is 18/11/13.

▪ Road Safety Panel

Mel Cazatto and John Wood attended the last meeting, whilst productive, the majority of those present represented local Resident Associations, some of whom were very “anti cycling” it was decided that there should be more interaction with these groups to understand the concerns of the residents. Spencer agreed to liaise between the local communities and clubs where there are specific issues.

Stakeholder meetings

2 meetings were held which proved to be very successful, they were co ordinate by Bromley Council and The Mayors Cycling Vision was discussed amongst all Cycle related issues. It was Bromley decision not to bid for the Mini Holland funding due to the major development works already taking place in the town center, our main cycling hub. Bromley Council feel that they would be more successful bidding for specific funding for alternative schemes. Information provided from the meeting featured heavily in a bid that has just been submitted.

Andrew Gilligan follow up

o Spencer Harradine & Cllr. Smith met to discuss the Mini Holland funding and put plans into place for future funding opportunities and projects. (see above). If successful the funding obtained will be ear marked for the following projects, Routes to Bromley, Greenways, Bromley and Orpington Station Development, Stakeholder programmes.

▪ Six asks from LCC for ward based campaign

Ward based campaign whereby we focus on 2 of the asks at the next local elections to gain support from each ward Cllr. The 6 asks are available on the Council website.

▪ LIP funding and Cycling Vision Grant application

1st Bid submitted for £600k – Out line details to be provided by Mel Cazatto.

CCFL Grant

6yrs ago Bromley Cyclists bid for a grant to start Go-Ride Clubs, on the success of these clubs further funding has been awarded to fund the set up of a further club.

 7. Sport. Leisure & Recreation

 ▪ Rides Report

96 Riders on 9 rides in September with the Wednesday Night Wander continuing to be popular, usually around 14 riders out most weeks now.  The last Sunday of the month ride in September attracted 30 people. 22nd September Pollards Hill has a ride we can link up with.  Adam confirmed that he will be repeating the successful Bigfoot London to Brighton rides in spring 2014.

8. AOB.

▪ Go Ride/BGRRL

The third Bigfoot Go Ride Club is has now started at Pickhurst School which will cut down the waiting list. There are 20 children at present with more on the waiting list, with 3 coaches currently being trained.

Orpington Tweet Up

Bromley Cyclists presented to the Orpington BID who are seeking to conduct 6 “Car Free” days in Orpington next year.

Bromley Heath

Bromley suffers from a lot of Family and Child obesity, and riding could be a beneficial solution to this, however it was decided that we have enough rides throughout the year to cater for this rather than organising specific rides to cater/support Bromley Health.

▪ Publicity

Spencer Harradine and John Wood, suggested the idea of a Publicity Officer to help promote Bromley Cyclists in the various media communications across the borough, as the Cycling Hero award created a lot of positive publicity for Bromley Cyclists.

Next meeting Monday 11th November, 2013 The Liberal Club, Orpington.

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