September Minutes

Bromley Cyclists Monthly Meeting

Agenda, 10th September, 2012 – 8.15pm The Liberal Club, Orpington.

Present:  John Wood, Spencer Harradine, Derek Mark, Stephen Hardy, Melissa Cazatto, Nev Medhurst, Eve Evans, Rob Peters, Linda Rampling.

1.       Apologies – Paula Godman, Steve Watkin, Peter Nemestothy, Paul Hardy.

 2.    Approval of report of last meeting – Approved

 3.    Financial report: Current financial balance £740.77.   Monthly expenditure £154.60 Walkie Talkies, £18 meeting expenses.          

 4.  Matters Arising from last meeting

  • Sarah Foster  – Met Police – feedback from Mel Cazatto, they have been in touch with the contacts provided by Sarah.
  • Stewart’s Charity Ride – very successful ride with nine riders.  Final money raised yet to be announced.  Suggestions were that next year we support Haris Hospicecare and turn this into a ride and a three day event. Spencer, Stewart and Nev to discuss further.
  •  LCC Conference – held in London last Saturday, attended by four Bromley Cyclists. Various items discussed including the Love London Go Dutch campaign which was extremely successful.  Now need to drive home the message and then see an opportunity for the 2014 elections.  New campaigns maybe involving all 624 wards in London.  Very productive day, including some useful workshops in the afternoon.

 5. Rides & Event Planning

  • Rides Report – 134 riders in August, including 29 for a Sky Ride.  Numbers compare similarly with last August, the regular Wednesday Wander being by far the most popular.
  • WWW Venues for next month – the new format of selecting venues is working well and we currently have rides on the website through to October.
  • Norman Park – Community Cycling Centre– Spencer has already had a meeting regarding the BMX track in Norman Park and the plans are for the Centre to include numerous activities under one umbrella.
  • Future Rides Planning – has anyone got any rides to put on the website.
  • Xmas festivities – The Liberal Club has been booked for 8th December for our Christmas festivities, to include a Secret Santa.
  • TFL A21 – Boris has pledged £1m budget for alterations to the A21.  Spencer has a meeting arranged with the Co-ordinator for Kingston Cyclists, who is also a Transport Planner for TFL.
  • Orpington Schools Ride Saturday 6th October – the idea is to have a ride going from four schools, both children and parents, ending up at the same destination, then an hour or two of fun and games.  We are looking for 3 people to assist with each ride. 6th October pm.
  • Mildenhall 2013 (Thetford Forest) August Bank Holiday weekend.  Looking to turn this into a camping event for Bromley cyclists to attend.
  • Bromley Cyclists programme 2013 – 4 quarters – Ideas please.
  •  Ride Leader Programme – it has been suggested that we hold another Ride Leader training day for new ride leaders and a refresher for the existing ride leaders.
  • Two Way Cycling – Discussion followed regarding making some one way streets 2 way for cyclists.  Ton ten streets in the Borough.

 6. Policy & Campaigning Report

 7. Go Ride & BGRRL Reports

  • Bigfoot are moving to Hayes School.  There have been 6 BGRRL events this year.  Bigfoot and Penge are currently promoting Cyclocross events at Bethlam.

8. AOB

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