Adam’s Challenge

Fancy riding London (well Hayes!) to Brighton, but need some support or encouragement? Well we are here to help. At the start of 2012 Adam will be arranging 4 rides to help you work up to the challenge of a Brighton ride. Then on May 6th the Bigfoot Cycle Club will have it’s annual Hayes to Brighton ride and Adam will lead a group of riders of any age who are up to the challenge.

Please see our Rides and Events for details of each of the 4 rides and the Brighton Ride on May 6th.

 Who can join in?

We welcome all riders, whether members of Bigfoot Cycling Club or not, we welcome riders young and old (Adam’s son Sam rode to Brighton at the age of 12 and we are confident that another young rider will be with us in 2012 aged 9!!!).

The idea of the first four rides is that riders can test themselves on longer and longer rides – and if you can complete the 35 mile ride you should be up to the challenge of the Brighton ride itself (for which you have all day); and don’t forget to keep healthy, fit and active between these rides. Don’t worry if you decide Brighton is not for you in 2012, there is always another year.

 Notes for the first four rides:

Nature of each ride:

All rides are on roads, mainly quieter roads, the above links give full details. The rides will keep together as one group, led by Adam, the duration of each ride will depend on who is in the group – the idea is to support and encourage each other.


Helmet, spare inner tube, cycle lock, drink, snacks and some money

 Who can attend / insurance / cost etc:

These rides are being organised by Bigfoot Cycle Club, are open to both members of the club and to non-members, and are free. Non-members will not be covered by Bigfoot CC insurance and you participate entirely at your own risk – we recommend that you take out your own insurance. Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. For riders aged 16 and 17 who will not be accompanied by an adult – please contact Adam in advance of the ride at For full “ride rules” please visit the Bigfoot Cycle Club website at

Notes for the Brighton ride:

Nature of the ride:

The ride is on roads, mainly quieter roads. Adam will lead a group that will keep together, however you may ride on ahead and we may find on the day groupings naturally appear. Be prepared to take all day!

The club will arrange a couple of feed stations along the route with a few snacks and there will be a support vehicle that may be able to help some riders who breakdown. This ride is arranged by Bigfoot Cycle Club as an alternative to the main London to Brighton ride which is often characterised as a mad bicycle traffic jam mile after mile.

Ride support

It’s important to have some back up support, just in case you can’t make the full distance and/or to help get you back from Brighton. It is thus generally useful to have a car with friends or family to help support – we can discuss this in more detail as we meet up on the early rides. And perhaps some of these support people could muck in and help by supporting the whole ride (eg at feed stations)? 

Who can attend / insurance / cost etc:

Same as for the first four rides, except there is a fee of about £8 to £10 each to cover the feed stations and support vehicle

 Do you want to ride to Brighton?

If you intend to ride to Brighton, especially if you are not a member of the Club, please email  So we are clear on numbers and can plan for other riders to assist Adam – however we may also have to limit numbers (first come first served)

 More Information:

If you have any questions or want to discuss further please email Adam ( )

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