London Sky Ride 2011

Sunday 4th September saw Bromley Cyclists leading 2 feeder rides from Bromley South and Crystal Palace to the London Sky Ride.

The morning dawned bright despite the forecast which is always a good sign and off I set on my journey to our meeting point, Bromley South Station. Arriving early I was pleased to see keen cyclists already there waiting for our departure time of 9am. Many were taking advantage of the free Dr Bike service and getting their bikes checked over by Nev from BCR Bikes.

Within what seemed like minutes more and more cyclists had joined us outside the station and it was soon time to rally the troops and get the show on the road. Spencer our ride leader together with the ride marshals (Howard, Jonathan, Stewart, Charlotte, Harrison, Matt, Mike and myself) ensured that everyone was ready to go and off we went.

It was great to see so many cyclists heading off through Bromley, the marshals ensured that the group were kept together and the junctions were clear and traffic held to ensure that the group had a smooth continuous ride through Shortlands towards our rendezvous point at Catford Bridge with the Crystal Palace feeder ride.

Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect arriving within minutes of the Crystal Palace group, here the two groups combined and we headed onwards towards London. The ride leaders and marshals once again done a marvellous job in ensuring that the group was kept together and junctions held to help with continuous crossing of junctions.

A few punctures and 12 miles later we were approaching our joining point for the Sky Ride, Southwark Bridge. Here everyone went their own way to explore the route and activities provided around the route. I must admit I was amazed at the amount of people cycling the route and the vareity of people and bicycles taking part.

Despite the poor weather that set in people were in great spirit and the atmosphere was fantastic, the time soon flew by and it was time to lead the rides back to Bromley.

Here’s looking forward to next years ride!

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