Look Mum No Hands

Nine of us set off from Bromley South station on a warm Friday evening for a gentle ride up to Old Street to our favourite London Cafe for a drink and CAKE!  The traffic was heavy as we crossed London Bridge as I think everyone had decided to stay in London for a drink due to the fantastic weather.

A diversion took us in the opposite direction for a while, but we were soon back on track as we headed down Old Street.  The Cafe was packed as we locked up our bikes and headed towards the cake!

We stayed for just an hour tonight as our leader Steve had to get up early for work the next morning, but then we decided to go back a slightly different way through Aldgate and along to Greenwich.  The traffic seemed to have increased as we manouvered our way through, but we were moving faster than the cars.  Crossing Tower Bridge we peeled off to the left as one of our riders left us to make his way home.  Along the Thames Path we made our way, through the back streets, keen to keep our leader in view, as by now I hadn’t got a clue as to where we were.

Onto the Waterlink Way now, we increased the pace a bit as we made our way through the dark paths before changing down to our lowest gears to negotiated the Whirlygig.  The West Wickham boys peeled off to make their way home, leaving six of us to make our way back to Bromley Hill.  Everyone was tired now as our ride had ended up nearer 40 miles than 30, but we had had a great eveing.   Finally we arrived back home at twelve thirty after a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Very many thanks to Steve for arranging the ride – hope you got up for work in time!

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