Spencer’s Saturday Saunter

On the Saturday 28 July, 2012 Spencer organised a 10 mile ride. It was my first ride with Spencer and I was a bit apprehensive. We started off from Norman Park. The people who went were Jack, James, Spencer, My Dad and I (the rest of the people were watching Mark Cavendish cycling in the Olympics ).When we met, James had a recumbent bicycle and Jack had James’s old bike. 3 people had new bikes, because I had a new Isla Bike which I borrowed from the club. We set of at 2:00pm.

We went on the road for quite a while, then Spencer got lost and we were going around in circles. Spencer then got out the satnav and we found our way. He also adjusted my seat to make it higher (thanks Spencer!). We found our way to Jubilee Park. Jack and I kept racing ahead of everyone else. Then we went to Farnborough and Spencer said he would like to watch the Cycling Olympics (I don’t blame him, because my Dad and I wanted to watch them too). So they went to their Nan’s house which was in Farnborough. Then we all said goodbye and my Dad and I went to Hayes Common, because it wasn’t far. All together it was a 5 mile ride. Thanks to Spencer for organising the ride.

By Sannah Zaman (Age 8)


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