Website Improvements

Regular Visitors to our site will have noted the changes in layout that we have made over the past few months. There are a number of features which we hope will meet with your approval.

Firstly we have reduced the links across the top left to right navigation bar, which has resulted in a cleaner less cluttered appearance.

We had seen from site visitor statistics that the future rides and events listing was amongst the very favourites that visitors looked at, so we changed the events calendar software and rather than list our events on the home page they are now listed in the right hand column on every page. We hope you like this change.

The style for the way the events present on the page is more modern and interactive which we hope you like. By clicking into any event you are able to expand the item and get more information such as a map of the start point, a more detailed description of the ride and details of the ride leaders. There is also now a facility to add the event directly to your own electronic calendar.

By taking the events list off the front page we have made space to list our rides reports which likewise seem to be very popular. We have also been able to add some functionality so that when we post something on the site it is simultaneously published on our Facebook Page and on our Twitter feed which seems rather neat.

There are also buttons for you to share the articles you like onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you have any comments then please email us at

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