Westerham 30 (ish!)

The Cycle 4 Life 30 ride today saw us heading out to Westerham. We set off from Norman Park a little later than our usual 10am start in order to accommodate a group member who couldnt make the 10am start!

Nev being the conscientious ride leader insisted that we warmed up properly, this consisted of us racing round Norman Park, out onto Hayes Lane and up to Keston. “Warm up it was more like tourture” one rider commented

The weather was beautiful as we headed onwards gently climbing all the way through Keston up to Owls Wood, where the views across the North Downs very spectacular.  From here we whizzed down “grit” hill only to be met with climb back upwards (Well you know what happens when you go down a hill Nev told us!) However from here it was all down hill to Westerham.

Being a lovely day we met numerous other cyclists both along our route and in Westerham,  it was great to see so many other cyclist out enjoying the day. We had our break sitting on the green watching the world go by with a great cup of coffee and cake.

From here we worked our way back towards Bromley, we zoomed along Pilgrims Way heading back towards Pole Hill our final hurdle, with one final push we all made it in  good time to the top. It was here we said good bye to the girls who were last seen heading in the direction of Orpington and the boys headed back through Knockholt to Green St Green. Here we said good bye to Gareth and Jeff who made their way back to Beckenham whilst Stephen and Nev raced back to Orpington for a cuppa.

It was here that we encountered our final hurdle, a puncture 5 minutes from home. With the help of Nev (BCR Bike Fame) the wheel was off, puncture fixed and we were on our way in record time! I look forward to seeing you all next week for another little adventure!

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