Rides & Events

We arrange rides for all abilities – our rides and other events are listed below

Please download this ride classification chart to see if a ride is suited to your ability.

We also have a page with the routes of other rides we have previously done that you may enjoy.

Ride registration

If you are thinking about joining us on a ride, you are more than welcome to turn up at the specified meeting place. It would, however, be appreciated if you could complete a registration form or send an email to rides@bromleycyclists.org so we have the appropriate level of support on the ride.

We hope that there are a variety of rides to suit everyone. However, if you have a suggestion for a ride you would like us to arrange or want to lead a ride but would like support with planning, organisation or someone to help you lead on the day, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line and we will endeavour to arrange the ride.

Rides and events calendar

Beckenham Place Park Discovery Ride
Dec 15 @ 10:00 – 11:00

Exploring by bicycle, you could cycle along one of the new paths which links up the parkland and the woodland. Following the wide paths within the wood (being careful not to stray off the path onto valuable vegetation such as bluebell bulbs) you will really feel like you have escaped London, despite still being in Zone 4. The park is a 5 minute walk from Beckenham Hill station, Ravensbourne station, and 15 minute walk from Beckenham Junction station.

Beckenham Place Park in the very south of the London Borough of Lewisham is undergoing a large-scale restoration project, predominantly funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery. The project’s aim is to return the park land to how it appeared in the 18th century, including restoring a 200m by 50m lake. The Homesteads which were burnt down in 2011 are listed buildings and are being restored as they would have been originally. They will form a new café and education centre, and a new welcome area for visitors to the park. All of the works, including filling in some relics of the old golf course that used to be in the park, and creating new paths, are currently underway. It is therefore an exciting time to visit Beckenham Place Park to see the changes as they happen.

Distance is 7-8 miles

Suitable for families and children.

Participants must register by following the link above.

Wednesday Weekly Wander
Dec 19 @ 19:30 – 22:30

to: Check Back for Details

We have been doing this ride for a long time now and have found it’s a great way to meet new people and make some new friends particularly amongst the local cycling community.

Everyone is welcome we always ride at a steady pace, set by the slowest rider no matter how slow that is.  The ride is usually around 10 miles and to make the ride home easier we tend to choose a destination within a reasonable distance of Bromley town centre.   At the end of the ride we will stop at a pub for a drink and a chat and people can head home whenever they like.

There are usually people riding back to Orpington, West Wickham, Beckenham and Sidcup so you are likely to have company for at least part of the way home.

Important note

The Wednesday wander is a​n official​ LCC Bromley ​​​social ​led ​ride of 10 to 15 mile always starting at Bromley South Station at 7,30 p.m. ​The ride is somewhat organic and we follow various local routes to a​ previously published​ Bromley borough pub. Although ​​​​Bromley Cyclists ​aim to have a ride leader available to lead these rides, ​very occasionally​ this isn’t ​possible so the group gathered at the start point may need to organise themselves and do the​i​r own led ride.​ In these circumstances the ride would not be an official LCC Ride​, but would revert to casual ride status.


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