Bigfoot to Brighton – Training Ride 2 (11-13 mph group)

Sunday 28 February 2016

When 9………………Remained 9 even to the end!

You don’t normally associate the word uneventful with a Brighton Training Ride but to be honest our ride today was exactly that……..which in cycling terms is a very good ride.

A bitterly cold Sunday morning didn’t do anything to assist with numbers even though it was a crisp and dry Sunday morning. The 11 – 13 mph group started out with a small but perfectly formed group of nine fine athletes!…….and on this occasion we actually finished with a small but perfectly formed 9……a first for a group led by me.

A good mix of hills, pacey flats and fast downhills make this 20 miler one of my favourite training rides, all culminating in a challenging climb up to Christmas Tree Farm.

I thought the team bonded very well today with a couple of new faces to the group who did a great job of staying the distance.

A special thank you again to Ben Cox who provided a perfect Lantern Rouge. His contribution only blemished by his statement asking for more hills……clearly a masochist of the highest order.

Next ride on the 20th March moves up to 25 miles and hopefully the same 9 will come along for another fun packed morning cruising around the North Downs as part of Team Sticky.

Stats for the ride:

Distance: 20.08 miles
Calorie Burn: 1067kcal
Average Speed: 12 mph
Top Speed: 38.6 mph
TRT: 1hr 43mins
Punctures: 0
Tea Stops: 0 (athletes don’t need tea, well not until the end)
Incidents: 0 (we did see four Horses though……..but not quite an incident).

Keep training team and see you all in three weeks.

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