The Central London Grid

London Mayor Boris Johnson

Mayor Johnson and TfL have published the new Central London Grid:

Transport for London have published the long awaited plan for a new network of routes for cyclists created in London Zone 1. These are routes for people who want to cycle slowly, in their ordinary clothes, away from most of the traffic.

In the document City Hall, Transport for London (TfL), the seven Zone 1 boroughs and the City of London, along with The Royal Parks and the Canal & River Trust, set out their plans for central London, the busiest cycling area.

Some of the routes will be ‘Superhighways’ on main roads. Most of these routes will be physically separated from the traffic and cyclists will be given their own protected space on the road.

Most of the routes will be ‘Quietways’, using London’s network of quieter side streets – along with routes through parks and on canal towpaths, which they will share with pedestrians. Quietways will be your secret cycling passages through London. They will take you everywhere you need to go, directly and easily, but using routes you might never know existed until the grid showed you.

Many of the routes will run in rough parallel with Tube and bus routes, so you know where you’re going. They’ll be properly-signposted, so you can follow them easily. And unlike some cycle routes in the past, they won’t give up at the difficult places.

You can read the plans here or here central-london-grid

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