The Woodman

It had just started to drizzle at 7.30 as we met for our weekly wander.  Eve, Stephen, Paul, Linda, Sticky Bunn and Tim as we set off ably led this week by Mel.  We hadn’t gone far when James joined us as we meandered through alleyways to Whitehall Recreation Ground.  From here we weaved our way through to Southborough Lane and did have to make our way through a field to get through to  Magpiehall Lane, from where we found the cycle path through Princes Plain Recreation Ground.

The rain had increased a little as we followed the back streets up to Petts Wood.  From here we picked up a nice little cut through to Crofton Road and now it was alleyways again through to Lovibonds Avenue.  The rain had increased somewhat, so now we headed up Starts Hill and straight to the pub.

Glad to be in the dry we settled ourselves in the bar and chattered away, several insults being directed at Paul as to who he looked like.   The evening went well and several members now started to leave due to work commitments the next day.

Needless to say the more Hardy member of the group, Eve, Mel and of course the Hardy boys stayed for one last drink.   Then we were joined from the other bar by our old friends from the Cudman Ultra Narlies who had been trail stomping in the local woods.  Some of us had met previously in the Blacksmiths Arms about 9 months ago, which turned into what can only be described as an eventful evening.

Have a drink they said, well it would have been rude not to, so we said yes, especially as it was Mel’s birthday tomorrow.   They had also brought cakes with them, or so we thought, but unfortunately they had borrowed them from the landlord, but without his permission.

A wonderful end to our evening and everyone left in high spirits, certainly we must meet up with our friends again at their usual meeting place The Blacksmiths Arms.



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