What is a LIP

Senior Transport Planner TfL

Steve Heeley

At our recent annual meeting we received an excellent talk from transport expert Steve Heeley, who used to be the borough’s chief transport planner before he moved to Transport for London. Steve gave an enthralling presentation about Local Implementation Plan (LIP)  preparation.

The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is a local and borough wide programme of measures and schemes to improve the provision of transport to everyone who lives and works in the borough. It is required to show how the borough will implement the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Mayor of London

Mayor Boris Johnson

In the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) the transport vision for London is set out and details how it will be delivered  for many years to come.

Key proposals include:

  • Transforming the Tube
  • Enhancing rail, including Crossrail, Thameslink and London Overground
  • Improving interchanges
  • Smoothing traffic flow
  • Encouraging a cycling revolution
  • Making walking count
  • Improving London’s buses

There are some more.

The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is a statutory document, required by the Greater London Authority Act 1999, which sets out how boroughs intend to implement the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Environment Portfolio LBB

Cllr Colin Smith

Responsibility for the LIP in the Borough of Bromley falls to the environment portfolio holder Councillor Colin Smith.

The current LIP was approved on behalf of the Mayor of London in January 2012. You can view it here.

As we are about to elect a new Mayor Steve explained how all the mayoral candidates will be developing their transport strategies in anticipation of having to formulate a Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

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