WWW – Frank’s Roof Again

On a glorious mid-summer evening and after the abandoned attempt last week I finally managed to lead the wander to Frank’s this evening. In truth there are probably only 2 or 3 Wednesday evenings in any year when the weather is just right for Franks and tonight was definitely such an evening. There were 10 riders (7 to 3 to the men, I thank you) as we followed an alternative route rather than the usual Waterlink Way, staying mainly to the east of the A21 and then crossing the main road in Lewisham and going over Hilly Fields. There were fantastic views from Mountsfield Park and well worth the tough hill climb to reach the summit. The park had numerous marquees set up which were being guarded by security guards – presumably in preparation for a forthcoming event.

The Rye in Peckham was heaving with people enjoying the evening warmth. We arrived on the forecourt and here found that there is no longer the bike parking facility we have been used to on previous visits. We secured our bicycles as best we could and made our way up the long garish pink staircase to the main event. Naturally it was buzzing. Here we were joined by Jane and Katie from Lewisham, our own Mark who had made his way direct from the office and Bob who lives locally.

The views under the setting sun were, as always, stunning. We found a table and here the conversation turned to the next main event: the Dunwich Dynamo on Saturday. We wiled away an hour or so and as the darkness finally fell we recovered our bikes and set off for home down our beloved Waterlink Way.

As you will all be able to count the final numbers for last night are: men 9, women 6. So in the words of the Speaker of the House of Commons “the men have it!”

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