WWW George & Dragon

Bit low on numbers tonight but welcome to our new rider Alex and nice to see the return of Spencer who has been absent for a few months.   Tonight we were to ride up to Hartfield Road and have a look at the proposed crossing planned for the A232, before heading for Downe.

Unfortunately Spencer’s son had swiped his saddle and replaced it with a slightly inadequte one so Spencer had to pop home for a replacement bike, but the rest of us set off around 7.45 in the direction of Hayes.  What we thought was a quite chilly evening soon warmed up as we rode up towards Keston and on to the dreaded Church Hill.  Stripping off to T shirts now we decided that tonights ride looked a little short so we continued up to Biggin Hill.  Turning left into Jail Lane and then a lovely downhill all the way to Downe village.

Our arrival was spot on as Spencer arrived from the direction of High Elms on a rather splendid looking mountain bike and we took our bikes through to the garden and secured them before making our way into the pub.   We settled into a nice corner with our drinks and were then joined by Terry and Lin and the conversation was all about the Dunwich Dynamo which some of us did at the weekend.

Nice friendly pub which could do well in our Pub of the Month competition for July.   We chatted away for a couple of hours before making our way home, some heading uphill towards Hayes while the rest of us had the lovely downhill to HIgh Elms to look forward to.

A lovely evening, hope to see more of you next week when our destination will be the Anglesey Arms, Bromley North.

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