WWW – The Anglesea

It was a wild windy evening as five us of us gathered at Bromley South. We loitered for ten minutes lest any stragglers should arrive. It was not to be and so tonight’s leader, Linda, called us to order and we nosed out into a fierce wind. Gone were the ice and snow of last week, it was very mild.

We dropped down into shortlands and keeping to the back roads cycled up the first of many hills on this wander past the little known Ravensbourne railway station. Descending the other side Eve hit a pothole and dislodged her rear light, otherwise no harm done.

Crossing Southend Road we dropped down into Copers Cope and crossed the steep railway bridge on the rat-run which cars use to by pass Beckenham.

Linda then led us past us past Steve’s shed at Cator Park. It was too dark to see if the shed was still there let alone secure. On the far side of Cator Park we followed the Penge by pass and found ourselves at Sydenham High Street.

By now we were all beginning to think about a nice cool glass of refreshing something so when we turn into Lawrie Park Road most of us began to mentally visualise the home run!! Mrs R had somewhat different ideas. At the end of Lawrie Park Road our leader turned us UP Crystal Palace Park Road.

At this stage there seemed to be a lot of moaning from the rear of the peloton. No names but if you are in any doubt please email info@bromleycyclists.org and the name can be revealed.

We were well and truly warm as we passed the Crystal Palace radio mast and then the joyous ride down one of my very favourite LBB hills. Straight, and wide, and undulating deliciously, Annerley Hill is pure joy. At the Robin Hood (for those that remember it) we turned towards Penge High Street so even more down hill we were really being spoiled. We passed the tram stations at Beckenham Road and Beckenham Junction and then the Sloane Hospital before heading up into Bromley and to the Anglesea Pub in a row of terraced houses where we found Andrew and his friend awaiting us and engrossed in the football on the telly.

This delightful little suburban town pub made us most welcome so we sat and chatted. There was much concern that two of our recent wanderers had not been out with us once and then not seen again. It was noted that John had departed from the Railway in West Wickham with Katherine and she had been neither seen nor heard of since. We also had news of Sarah, who will be coming out when the weather improves, John had seen her at the Bike show.

Dreaming of those balmy summer evenings it was resolved that when the weather was better we would send an email to everyone who has ever been on a wander and invite them to a summer wander and barbeque; so keep yer eyes peeled for that one. At 10 past 11 our host declared that she had now run out of white wine and so it was time for us to go.

We were made most welcome

We were made most welcome

We happily (and noisily) departed calling our rather loud goodbyes; so our apologies our due to the residents of Palace Rd, Bromley.

This was an excellent wander so many thanks to Linda for organising at leading it. Thanks to all who came: Howard, Eve and Stevie; and in the pub Andrew and his mate.

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