WWW – the Rose and Crown

This evening’s ride was lead by Howard who took us to the Rose and Crown at Green Street Green and then to the nearby Bombay Restaurant for a jolly nice curry.

 It was freezing as we gathered on the forecourt of Bromley South Station. Eve was first to arrive, itching to get some cycling hours in after her long holiday in America (and still boasting about how warm it was in the USA). Last to arrive was Rob who would have missed us but for the fact that just as we were about to set off Linda decided that it was so cold she needed to put on her fleece, this delay being just enough for Rob.

 So eight of us headed out into the lanes of Kent towards Downe; once through Hayes and West Wickham there is a long climb to the centre of Downe village. In the darkness you cannot actually see how steep and far the hills are, which is pretty fortunate.

 From the top of church lane in Keston it is downhill all the way to the pub on the A21. We were glad to chain the bikes up and get into the warmth. It was a quiet evening so there was no problem getting a table where we listened to Eve’s America stories and she paid her fine for gloating about it on Facebook!!

Eve pays her fine

Once we had warmed up a bit we took a short stroll over the road to the Bombay Restaurant where we a enjoyed a cheap and cheerful curry together. This made for quite a late evening. For some it is a long ride home from Green Street Green so we called our good byes and headed off into the night happy and replete.

Warming up in the Rose & Crown

Thank you to Howard for very nice ride. Well planned and well led at a good pace. A few hills to warm us up and a nice drink and meal to end with. What more could a cheerful cyclist wish.

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