WWW -Ye Old George Inn

Last Night Steve Hardy took us to the Woodman at Farnborough Village.

We gathered in the dying light at Bromley South ready for a longer ride out to Shoreham. Indeed when the nine of us set off that is where we were headed. Steve lead us out through the arch under Kentish Way and then at a steady pace to Petts Wood where we found Tim waiting for us. We carried on through Orpington and towards Green Street Green when the rain started.

A decision was then taken that rather press on for a further 8-10 miles and get to Shoreham wet and cold we would save this treat for another day and divert immediately to the nearby Woodman in Farnborough Village.

The Woodman provided very satisfactory cycle parking in the form of a large garden umbrella.

The acting landlady who was covering for holidays was pleased to see us despite being her being in considerable discomfort following a physio session. We did our best to keep her arm exercised pulling the beer tap – i am not sure she was grateful.

Happy Cyclists

We sat in the bar drying out and chatting, we were soon joined by Steve Watkin who used to be a Cyclist.

A very pleasant shortened wander. Thanks to Steve for leading. Thanks to everyone else for making it such a very sociable evening.

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