WWW – Ye Olde Whyte Lyon

The longer wander was led by John tonight and got us to the Olde Whyte Lyon at Farnborough at 9.30 pm just in time to miss the rendezvous with the Past Borough Coordinator who had departed moments earlier thinking that we had suffered a p**cture or similar. This was most unfortunate as it was hoped to make a presentation to Spencer to mark his retirement and to thank him for all he had done for the group.

The route tonight though rather hilly was very enjoyable and got us all filling our lungs with Bromley’s lovely fresh unpolluted air. How do we know it is unpolluted? Well according to Bromley Council Bromley’s air is the least polluted in London and we breach EU legislation by less than any other London Borough. This is great news. Of course we will soon be out of the EU altogether when we be able to set our own air pollution standards, and then we will suddenly be entirely legal and the quality of our air will no longer be a problem – just one of the many great benefits of Brexit!

We set off and headed through Norman Park where we were delighted that the track joining the two loose ends of the perimeter path was all but complete. This will be a great bonus to cyclists as it will enable uninterrupted circuits of the park for novices. I expect the Park Runners will be grateful for it too.

We were very pleased to welcome Jim tonight. Jim joined us on a group meeting last year and we were keen to reconnect as he is the chair of what is almost certainly one of the borough’s smallest residents associations. The Beadon Road Residents Association, and we were encouraged to learn that there are plenty of cyclists in this particular association. Beadon Road is a cycling cut through which avoids busy Hayes Lane which we all use quite frequently. We Hope to see Jim on future wanders.

We bypassed Hayes on the quiet Road and headed along the mad-mile aka Addington Road on the cycle path and then climbed Featherbed Lane to the White Bear. I had forgotten how steep and narrow Featherbed was in places. Back down Layham’s and Nash to the bottom of Foxhill we then climbed back up to Shire Lane and then followed the cycle paths alongside the A21 to Ye Olde Whyte Lyon where having missed Spencer as mentioned we settled down for a natter until closing time or shortly before.

A great wander of around 17 miles

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